By: Ahmad Bahjat

Inside Cover
Story Of Masrur And Maqrur
Last Dinner
Dining Table
The Death of Masrur
The Death Of Maqrur
The Reckoning of Masrur
The Reckoning Of Maqrur
Perish andů..
The Resurrection of the dead
The Bursting of the sea
Exploding Mountains
The gathering of wild beasts
The final moments
The appearance of angels
He Forgot and so was Forgotten
The Earth Shone
Read your book
The trial
At last
Oh servant!
The Bridge of As-Sirat
Judging the tyrants
Judging pharaoh
The question
The core issues of the case
O allah send me back!
Satan's declaration
Without an interpreter
Pharoah and Human
Those who ruled with Fear
Mutual Disputations
Destructive friendship
The great fire
The thoughts of tyrants
Those who lost their own souls
The Bribe of Qarun
Inside saqar
They will cry "o malik"
The food of hell
maqrur reclining in paradise
Dazzling colors
A palace in paradise
Rivers of milk
The houris
A love story
The position of the Egyptian
A new friendship
Pharaoh and masrur
The blessings in paradise
The torment of hell-fire
Dreams in paradise
The peak of all blessings

Islambasics Library: Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

The Earth Shone

The earth shone with the light of its Lord, and the Book was placed (open) and the Prophets and the witnesses were brought forward, it was judged between them with truth and they were

Not wronged.


Maqrur received the light of Allah, the Almighty, in the same way as a drowning man receives the glad tidings of being rescued. He was relieved by a new calming light and his fears settled down.


The earth spread forth and each being was presented in front of the angels of reckoning. Those angels who are the nearest to Allah, were holding a huge book of reckoning that was placed in

Front of the gathering. All sounds became more and more humbled. Jibril (Gabriel) appeared, overspreading the whole region with his glory, light and wings.


Amidst the resounding silence he said loudly, "To whom belongs the dominion this day? The hearts reached to the throats."


The whole creation answered humbly, "To Allah, the One, the Irresistible."


Jibril said loudly, "In the worldly life, you highly esteemed lineage and wealth. Thus you revered kings and princes, but today the most honorable of you is surely the most pious. Almighty Allah decreed that piety as well as purity of the heart are the true measures of grace."


Maqrur's horrors were pacified and he went on contemplating the glory and splendor of Jibril. Then he said to himself, "If Jibril is blessed with such glory and magnificence in spite of being only a servant how is the Glory of his Creator?"


The scales of justice were set up and mankind was assembled before their Lord. Prophets and Witnesses were brought forward and the reckoning began.


At that moment Maqrur realized that he was facing the high court and he was worried that Allah may not have accepted his repentance and so he kept repeating the name of Allah, the Most

Kind, to comfort himself. His sole remaining hope was to seek the kindness and mercy of Allah.


The terror of violent weather on a stormy night in giant forests was nothing compared to the terror raging in the heart of Masrur. He realized that he was to stand in front of his Lord for judgment. None of his deeds would be concealed. He had lived and then died and was raised to life again to be accounted by Allah for all his sins and offences.


He was unaware of the fact that Allah keeps account of everything. He had been preoccupied with his reign, power, gold and desires. He would never have believed what was happening

To him that day.


The angels of reckoning started to give mankind and the J inn their books of reckoning. Masrur was given his book behind his back. This book kept an account everything that was being presented before him so that he might hear and visualize what he had done throughout his whole life, from the moment of his delivery until his death.



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