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    1. Belief in the Angels of God

    The angels are created of light, and endowed with life, speech and reason. They are free from carnal desire and the disturbance of anger: they disobey not God in what He has commanded them, but do all that they are commanded. Their food is, to celebrate God’s glory; their drink, proclaim His holiness; their conversation, to commemorate God; their pleasure, to worship Him. The angels are created in different forms and with different powers. 

    The number of angels is very great; it can be known to no one except to God. Four of the angels are archangels, namely Jibril (Gabriel), the angel of revelations; Mikae’il (Michael) the angel of rain; Israfil, the angel who will announce the advent of Resurrection; Azrail the angel of death.

    Every man is attended by two recording angels, called the “Kiram–ul–Katibeen,” or the illustrious writers, one of whom records his good actions, and other his evil actions. There are also two other kinds of angel called “Monkar” and“Nakeer,” who examine the dead in the grave.

    There are also two celebrated angels “Radwan” who is in charge of Paradise, and “Malik” who is in charge of Hell.

    The angels intercede for men, while, they celebrate the praise of God; they implore forgiveness for the dwellers of earth. They also act as guardians for men. Each man has a succession of angels before and behind him, who watch over him by God’s behest.



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