Kitab Al-Salaah (The book of Prayer)

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  • Kitab Al-Salaah (The book of Prayer)

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    Summary Of The Different Types Of Prayers

    We shall now summarize the most common different types of prayer which
    a Muslim will get exposed to in his day to day life:

    1. The Obligatory Prayers (Al Faraidh). These are the Five Daily
      Prayers as follows:
      • The Fajr (Dawn) Prayer.
      • The Dhuhr (Noon) Prayer.
      • The A'sr (Afternoon) Prayer.
      • The Maghrib (Sunset) Prayer.
      • The Isha (Evening) Prayer.


    2. The necessary (Wajib) Friday congregational prayer.
    3. Other confirmed Traditional Prayers. Thus:
      • The Prayers of the Two Feasts (the Idul Fitr and Idul
      • The Prayer for seeking bounty of rain from Allah.
      • The Prayer during the Eclipse of the Sun and Moon.


    4. The twelve (12) definite voluntary prayers performed before
      and/or after the obligatory prayers.
    5. The Witr (Odd Number) Prayer.
    6. The Tarawih (Month of fasting supererogatory) prayers.
    7. The prayer for seeking Allah's guidance.
    8. The Funeral Prayer.



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