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    A Hero to the End!

    He was a clear image and reflection of Arab chivalry in its depth. His father was As-siddiiq, the first convert, an incomparable believer, one of two who were in the cave. Despite all that, his son `Abd Ar- Rahman stuck persistently and firmly to the pagan religion of his clan and to the idols of the Quraish.

    At the Battle of Badr, he fought on the side of the Quraish. During theBattle of Uhud he was in the forefront of the spearmen recruited by theQuraish to combat the Muslims.

    Before any fight there was a traditional dueling round (single combat).`Abd Ar-Rahman stood out asking the Muslims whom they were going to chooseto fight with him. His father, Abu Bakr As-siddiiq (May Allah be pleasedwith him) rushed out to combat his son. However, the Prophet (PBUH) heldhim back, hindering him from doing so.

    Any true Arab is primarily characterized by his loyalty to his conviction. Being convinced with a faith or an idea means being enslaved by such conviction; there is no way to rid himself of it, unless a new conviction fills hismind and soul without deceit or falsification.

    Despite `Abd Ar-Rahman's respect for his father, his trust in his father's rationality, and the greatness of his manners and soul, despite all that, his loyalty to his conviction proved to be superior. His father's conversion to Islam did not tempt him to change his conviction.

    He remained unchanged, carrying out the responsibilities of his faith and conviction, defending the idols of the Quraish and fighting under their standard, the way brave warriors do.

    As for the noble and powerful men of that type, truth prevails eventually, no matter how long it takes. Their noble essence, the light of their sincerity is soon going to guide them, uniting them with guidance and blessing.

    The clock of fate struck to announce a new birth for `Abd Ar Rahman. Light of guidance lit up sweeping away all murkiness, darkness, and devices inherited from pagan days. He soon could visualize Allah, the One and Only, in all surroundingcreatures and things. It was here that guidance deepened its roots withinhis soul, it was here he became a Muslim.

    Without delay he set off towards the Prophet (PBUH). He became one whoreturns ever to the religion of truth. Abu Bakr's face beamed with happinessand delight seeing his son swearing the oath of allegiance to the Prophet(PBUH).

    He had been a true polytheist, but now he was a true Muslim. No greed directed his steps, no fear pushed him, just a rational, rightly-guided conviction blessed by Allah's guidance and success. Soon he started to replace previous deeds with doing the best, striving in the cause of Allah, His Prophet and the faithful.

    During the whole period of the Prophet (PBUH) and the era of caliphs who succeeded him, `Abd Ar-Rahman never missed a battle nor refrained from taking part in any jihaad.

    His endeavor and striving on the Day of Al-Yamaamah will never be forgotten. His firm resistance and bravery played a great role in achieving victoryagainst the apostate army of Musailamah. It was he, Abd Ar-Rahman, who killedMuhkam Ibn At-Tufail, Musailamah's schemer and the main guard of the castleinside which the apostate army took refuge.

    As soon as Muhkam fell down from the hard stroke of Abd Ar-Rahman, allthose around him scattered, leaving a wide entrance open so the Muslim warriors could hasten inside.

    Under the standard of Islam `Abd Ar-Rahman's habits became more brightand shining. He was loyal to his conviction, completely determined to carryout and follow what was right and true, refusing all kinds of flattery andservility. All these manners were the essence of his personality as wellas his whole life. He never abandoned his principles even when tempted bya desire or influenced by a fear.

    Even on that terrible day, when Mu'aawiyah decided to force the pledgeto Yaziid by the sword. On that day, a message was sent to Marwaan, the governor of Al-Madiinah. It included the oath of allegiance which was to be readaloud in the mosque so that all the Muslims would hear it. Marwaan did whatwas ordered. When he finished reading it, `Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn Abi Bakr turnedthe atmosphere of silence and depression which covered the mosque into oneof loud opposition and firm resistance saying, "By Allah, it's not the welfare of Muhammad's nation that you are seeking. On the contrary, you want toturn it into a Heraclian rule. When Heraclius dies another follows."

    `Abd Ar-Rahman could dearly see the dangers awaiting Islam if Mu'aawiyah was to carry out his desire. He could see how the transfer of power within Islam was changing from one based on national consultation by which thenation chooses its leader, to one of autocracy, by which emperors are imposedupon the people, one after the other.

    `Abd Ar-Rahman had hardly finished these firm and loud resisting wordswhen a group of Muslims hurried to support him. Leading them were Al-HussainIbn `Aliy, `Abd Allah Ibn Az-Zubair and `Abd Allah Ibn `Umar.

    However for some compelling reason which occurred later on, they all were forced to hold a position of silence towards this pledge of allegiance which Mu'aawiyah decided to take by force of sword. But `Abd Ar-Rahman continued to resist loudly. Mu'aawiyah sent him someone with 100,000 dirhams, hoping to please him.

    Ibn As-siddiiq threw the money and said frankly to Mu'aawiyah's messenger, "Go back to him and tell him, it's not `Abd Ar-Rahman who is going to buy his life by losing his faith."

    As soon as he heard the news that Mu`aawiyah had set off towards Al-Madiinah, he left it heading to Makkah.

    Allah wanted to save him the temptation of such a situation and its bad results. He had hardly reached the borders of Makkah when his soul submitted itself to Allah's appeal. Men carried the body and buried it in Makkah,which had witnessed his pagan past but also witnessed his conversion toIslam, the conversion of an honest, free, and brave man.

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