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                 The new revised edition of Islam in Focus preserves the spirit and scope of the first. But addition, it incorporates the more recent experiences and studies of the author. It speaks to the young and lay readers in a non–condescending manner, and to the adult intellectuals in a provocative yet respectful fashion. It avoids the unproductive theological debates and sectarian arguments. When applicable, historical and comparative issues are discussed. Most importantly, the book presents Islam as an universal, viable, resourceful, and cosmopolitan religion that is not only relevant to every phase of human existence but also necessary for the very well-being of mankind. It uses an approach that is really intelligible, a style that is living, and a frame of mind that is easily understandable to the English–speaking reader. All this has proven exceptionally helpful to the native Muslims in the west, the new Muslims, and all those who are searching for the truth everywhere.

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