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  • And when I am ill, it is He who cures me


    (‘And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me.)            (Qur’an 26: 80)


    Here are some bits of advice that have been passed down to us from the wise regarding different issues.


    Abqaraat said:

    "Stay healthy longer by working hard, by avoiding laziness, by abjuring drinking, and by refraining from eating too much.”


    Some of the wise said:

    "Whoever wants health should eat properly and well. He should drink water moderately. Lying down after eating lunch and walking after dinner are recommended. And one should be wary about taking a shower right after filling oneself with food."


    Al-Haarith said:

    "Whoever wants to stay ---and there is no true stay (meaning life is transient and will come to an end) ---  should eat lunch and dinner early."


    Plato said:

    "Five things weaken the body, and at times can even prove to be fatal: to be poor, to part with loved ones, to drink sour things, to refuse advice, and to not only be ignorant, but to also laugh at the wise."


    Four things weaken the body: talking too much, sleeping too much, eating too much, and engaging in sexual intercourse too frequently. Talking too much weakens the strength and sharpness of the mind and makes one age faster. Sleeping too much blinds the heart, making one lazy and callous. Having intercourse too often weakens one’s strength and has harmful effects upon the body in general.


    Four things destroy the body: anxiety, grief, hunger, and sleeplessness.


    Four things bring serenity to the heart: to look at greenery, to look at flowing water, to see a loved one, and to gaze at fruits upon the trees.


    Four things weaken one’s eyesight: walking barefoot, having a frown on one’s face early in the morning and before going to sleep, crying frequently, and reading words in small print.


    Four things strengthen the body: wearing soft clothing, taking a shower using water of a moderate temperature, eating sweet and rich foods, and smelling pleasant odors.


    Four things take the mirth and freshness out of one’s face: lying, insolence, asking too many questions imprudently, and perpetrating evil deeds frequently.


    Four things bring light and mirth to one’s face: a sense of honor, fulfilling one’s commitments, generosity, and piety.


    Four things make others abhor and loathe you: arrogance, jealousy, lying, and spreading false rumors about others.


    Four things make sustenance come to you freely: standing up at night to pray, making repentance late in the night, giving charity habitually, and remembering Allah in the first and last part of the day.


    Four things prevent sustenance from coming to you: sleeping in the morning, not praying frequently, laziness, and treachery.


    Four things weaken one’s mind and understanding: constantly eating sour foods and fruit, sleeping on one’s back, worrying, and feeling anxious.


    Four things help one to improve one’s understanding: having a light heart, not overfilling oneself with food and drink, adding sweet and rich foods in moderation to one’s diet, and getting rid of extra body fat.


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