Kitab Al-Salaah (The book of Prayer)

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  • Kitab Al-Salaah (The book of Prayer)

  • At-Tayammum
    (Ablution Using The Earth)

    "At-Tayammum" is a means of using the soil to wipe one's face and hands
    with the intention of preparing oneself to perform prayer. Proof of its
    legitimacy is found in the Holy Qur'an as follows:“ And if you
    are ill, or on a journey, or one of you cometh from offices of nature,
    or ye have been in contact with women, and ye find no water, then take
    for yourselves clean sand or earth, and rub therewith your faces and
    hands, for Allah does blot out sins and forgives again and again”

    (Qur'an 4:43).

    Prophet (peace be upon him), also said:“ All of the earth has
    been made a pure place of prayer for me and my Ummah (Nation). Whenever
    a person from my nation wants to pray, he has something with which to
    purify himself ... that is the earth”
    (Reported by Imam Ahmad).

    Instances when At-Tayammum is Permitted

    At-Tayammum is permitted only on specific instances as follows:

    1. Where the person cannot find water or the amount of water is
      not sufficient for Wudhu. However, before performing At-Tayammum, the
      person is required to look for water earnestly from any possible
    2. When a person is injured or ill and believes that the use of
      water will worsen his/her condition, then, At-Tayammum is allowed.
    3. When water is too cold such that it may harm the person,
      At-Tayammum is allowed if the user cannot find means of heating the
    4. When water is nearby, but the person is not able to fetch it
      due to fear for his/her life, family and wealth, (e.g. from an enemy
      either beast or human in the vicinity) then, At-Tayammum may be
    5. When there is not enough water and one is forced to save what
      is available for drinking and/or cooking, then, At-Tayammum is allowed.


    The Earth (Soil) to be used for At-Tayammaum

    This should be pure earth or soil and can be sand, stone or gypsum
    which produce dust when hit with the hands.

    How to Perform At-Tayammum


    1. The person should first intend by heart to perform
    2. The person then strike the soil with the palms of both hands.
    3. The person then wipes the face using both palms.
    4. Thereafter, the person uses the left palm to wipe over the
      back of the right hand up to the wrist, and then, uses the right palm
      to wipe over the back of the left hand upto the wrist.


    1. If any dust clings to the hands upon striking the earth, it
      should be blown out first before wiping the face and the hands to avoid
      the dust.
    2. Only one strike on the earth is sufficient for wiping both
      the face and hands.
    3. For persons who are required to perform Ghusl, but are unable
      to find water, then, At-Tayammum as discussed would suffice.


    Matters which Nullify At-Tayammum

    Purification by At-Tayammum has the same validity as Wudhu and Ghusl
    performed with water, but becomes invalidated in the following cases:

    • All actions and conditions that nullify Wudhu also nullify
    • If after performing At-Tayammum, water is found for Wudhu or




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