Don't be Sad

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  • Don't be Sad

  • Avarice is of no avail


    The Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him) said:

    "No soul dies until it takes its full portion of Provision and until it reaches its appointed time of death."


    Therefore why the ambition and why the covetousness?


    (Everything with Him is in [due] proportion.)  (Qur'an I3: 8)


    (And the Command of Allah is a decree determined.)  (Qur'an 33: 38)


    Bearing hardship atones for sins


    The Messenger of Allah (bpuh) said:

    "Worry, anxiety, pain, fatigue, sickness or even a thorn that pricks him --- when a believer is afflicted with any of these, Allah grants him pardon for some of his sins (through or because of those afflictions)."


    This reward is for the one who is patient, who seeks his reward with Allah, who repents to Him, and who knows that all his dealings are solely with Allah, the Most Gracious.


    Al-Mutanabbi wrote:

    "Don't receive what time brings except with indifference, As long as your soul is a companion for your body, Whatever you are happy with is fleeting, And sadness revives not lost loved ones."


    (In order that you may not be sad over matters that you fail to get, nor rejoice because of that which has been given to you)  (Qur'an 57: 23)


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