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    Chapter Six

    Before Judgment

    There are certain scenes which Allah, all praise and glory is to Him,
    wants all His creatures to witness on the Day of Resurrection. These scenes
    will be witnessed and heard by all creatures. Allah, be ever glorified His
    Majesty and Might, related to us some of these scenes in the Noble Qur’an so
    that when we see them in worldly life we know the evil end awaiting their
    committers on the Day of Resurrection. Images that show us might, power,
    recompense, and the evil end awaiting every disbeliever in the Law of Allah;
    every revolter against it.

    If we want to relate these scenes we must start with the leaders of
    disbelief. Those who fight the Religion of Allah in worldly life. Those who
    pursue disbelief and fight belief, who use their worldly force as a shield with
    which they fight the Law of Allah. Those who write books and make false
    philosophies to fight the Religion of Allah on the earth. Those who spend their
    wealth to extinguish the Light of Allah. They forcefully and violently fight
    the Religion of Allah in their worldly life.

    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, does not leave them in worldly
    life, but He gives them respite to test by them those who have weak souls. For
    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, tests people with evil and with good as
    trial. Which means that He tests people with good to see whether they will
    tyrannize or increase in faith. And He tests them with evil to see whether they
    will give thanks or acts ungratefully?

    Among testing people with evil is that those who disbelieve exalt in
    worldly life as trial; Almighty Allah will then make them collapse and then
    seize them with a seizure of one Exalted in Might and Perfect in Ability.

    Perhaps what we now witness in communist states is the best proof on how
    Allah destroys the state of disbelief within days. And He converts it from a
    big state into a powerless one, by His Power, all praise and glory is to Him;
    without empowering against them any of his servants but by empowering against
    them their own selves.

    The leaders of disbelief harbor extreme hatred against Allah, His
    Religion and His Books. Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, portrays to us
    their picture on the Day of Resurrection and what shall happen to them.

    Allah, The Most Exalted, says what means:

    [So by your Lord, surely, We shall gather
    them together, and the devils (with them), then We shall bring them round Hell
    on their knees. Then indeed We shall drag out from every sect all those who
    were worst in obstinate rebellion against the Most Beneficent (Allah).
    ] [Maryam, 19: 68-69]

    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, on the Day of Resurrection will
    gather them with the devils. For the leaders of disbelief are the greatest
    allies of Satan. They are the ones who worshipped and obeyed him (Satan). They
    are the ones who strived to fight against the Religion of Allah; the devils
    from mankind and jinn helped them in this.

    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, will bring them on the Day of
    Resurrection and gather them all around Hell to see the torment awaiting them.
    He will even make them sit around Hell to increase their torment by seeing it.
    Then He will drag out from them the evilest among them. Those who fought most
    ferociously against Allah and those who led the battle of disbelief.

    We have to pay attention to the Saying of Allah, Blessed and Exalted is
    [Then indeed We shall drag out] [Maryam, 19: 69] which means that He shall take
    them by force against their will. Dragging is only forcibly, angrily and

    Dragging out the disbelievers 

    Such dragging will happen by the Command of Allah, all praise and glory
    is to Him, so that all the creatures see them. Those who used to boast of their
    worldly might and power, they shall become abject and shall be wrenched out
    from among their people and followers, absolutely powerless and helpless, to be
    cast after that in the severest torment.

    This is one of the images that the
    Noble Qur’an
    demonstrates to us of what shall happen to the leaders of disbelief in the
    Hereafter. The Noble Qur’an also gives us another image of the bad companions.
    Those who gather in worldly life around evil and sin. Their gatherings are
    filled with intoxicants and prostitutes. They commit what Allah has forbidden.
    You find them meeting together and never part one another’s company in evening
    gatherings every night. And what joins them together is more than friendship.

    Therefore, Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, called them “Close
    friends”. They cooperate in evil. They love one another. They stand together in
    worldly affairs. They support one another in sin and transgression.

    These people come on the Day of Resurrection and they have turned
    enemies to one another. They curse one another. Each try to destroy the other.
    Intimate friendship turns into horrible enmity.

    Concerning this Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, says what means:

    [Close friends,
    that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous
    ] [Az-Zukhruf, 43:

    Also, The Most Exalted says what means:

    [And [Abraham]
    said, “You have only taken, other than Allah, idols as [a bond of] affection
    among you in worldly life. Then on the Day of Resurrection you will deny one
    another and curse one another, and your refuge will be the Fire, and you will
    not have any helpers.”
    ] [Al-‘Ankabût, 29:

    Thus, we see that those whom sin has tied together with the bonds of
    affection and friendship will become the bitterest enemies on the Day of
    Resurrection. If one of them is capable of destroying the other he certainly
    will. Because each will accuse the other of leading him into the Fire. That he
    is the one who made sin easy for him and helped him in committing what incurred
    upon him the Wrath of Allah. He becomes certain that had it not been for making
    sin easy for him he would not have ended up in Hell. Thus, friends turn into
    enemies on that Day which will be witnessed by all.


    The image of those who lie to themselves 

    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, gives us another image. It is the
    image of liars, who used to lie in the life of this world. They will try to lie
    to Allah in the Hereafter. Certainly, none can lie to Allah because
    unquestionably He is, of all things, encompassing. He
    knows what we conceal and what we reveal. And what our souls
    whisper to us.

    On this Day it is impossible that man lie to Allah. Man can lie to
    himself or to people if he is used to tell lies. Because people know certain
    things yet others are kept hidden from them, so they can be deceived by lies.

    But as to Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, He is the All-Knower of
    everything. No one can lie to Him, Blessed and Exalted is He. Please read the
    Saying of Allah, The Exalted and Ever-Majestic, which means:

    [Then there will be
    no [excuse upon] examination except they will say, "By Allah, our Lord, we
    were not those who associated1."
    See how they will lie about themselves. And lost from them will be what they
    used to invent.
    ] [6. Al-An‘âm, 6:

    Those who joined others in worship
    with Allah, who were habitual liars, think that on
    the Day of Resurrection they can deceive Allah, all praise and glory is to
    Him. That they can
    to Allah. So, they will swear by Allah that they did not
    worship others along with Him, thinking that this
    falsehood will deliver them from torment.

    But Allah, all
    praise and glory is to Him, will bring to them their book of deeds that will
    testify against them. He will also make their legs, hands and tongues testify
    against them.

    All this shall
    take place in a language they understand. On
    the Day of Resurrection all barriers of the Unseen are lifted and people will
    understand all languages. The languages people talked by in worldly life and
    the language of the various creatures in the universe, which people did not
    understand anything from, all this will be intelligible to them by the Power of
    Almighty Allah. They will understand every word because on this Day everything
    will be unveiled.

    What Satan shall say on the Day of Resurrection?

    Allah, all praise
    and glory is to Him, gives us another image. The image of Satan whom we shall
    see on
    the Day of
    . We shall recognize his form
    and appearance. Satan shall come on
    the Day of Resurrection and confess before all people that he deceived them and led them
    astray. That Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, promised them the promise of
    truth but he lied to them as he lied to Adam (may Allah bless him and grant him
    peace) before.

    Satan will declare
    himself innocent of forcing mankind to sin, saying that those who followed him
    did it because in their hearts there was disease and desire, and things which
    they wanted to commit and the moment that he adorned them in their eyes they
    committed it. He will also say that in this predicament neither he can save
    them from torment nor can they.

    Satan words mean:
    “I had neither might nor power to force you to commit sins. Allah, all praise
    and glory is to Him, did not give me a coercive power over you to force you to
    commit something you did not want or against your will. Nor did Allah give me a
    persuasive power to convince you with committing falsehood, by the authority of
    persuasion and logic. Thus you commit it for being convinced with what I say.
    But you wanted to commit sin and as soon as I made it desirable to you, you
    hurried to it self-motivated.”

    Allah, all praise
    and glory is to Him, gives us this image in the Noble Qur’an through His

    [And Satan will say when the matter has
    been concluded, "Indeed, Allah had promised you the promise of truth. And
    I promised you, but I betrayed you. But I had no authority over you except that
    I invited you, and you responded to me. So do not blame me; but blame
    yourselves. I cannot be called to your aid, nor can you be called to my aid.
    Indeed, I deny your association of me [with Allah] before. Indeed, for the
    wrongdoers is a painful punishment."
    ]  [Ibrahîm, 14:

    Thus, will Satan
    on the
    Day of
    declare himself innocent of
    those who followed him and clear himself of them, though he tempted them. He
    will put the blame on man, because he is the one who sinned; he is the one who
    desired sinning. Satan’s temptation was only an invitation and once invited the
    sinners hurried to sin.

    The saying of
    [I cannot be called to your aid, nor can
    you be called to my aid.
    ] means that this Day none of us can save the other.
    Neither Satan has the power to prevent casting the sinner in the Fire. Nor the
    sinners can ward off torment from Satan. Each party will be completely
    powerless against the Might of Allah.

    The time Satan shall say the truth!! 

    But why will Satan
    say the truth on this Day? Why be true when he has been lying since the
    creation of the Prophet Adam (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) till

    Satan who always
    lies to man and deceives him will come this Day and say the truth….why?

    This will happen
    for two main reasons:

    The first
    is that everything has ended.
    The respite that Allah has given to Satan has ended and he no longer has any
    power of temptation. Even if he tries and lies, none anymore will believe him
    after everything becomes clear and visible. After the veils of the unseen are
    lifted and people see recompense a reality, after being an unseen matter.

    The second
    is that lying is of no avail
    now. The time of man’s power of free choice has ended. Man no longer has the
    power to do or not to do, nor has the power to choose. No matter how much Satan
    lies, it is of no avail. Satan has asked Allah to respite him till the
    Day of Resurrection, and He granted him respite and the respite has
    ended. There is no longer respite or choice except with Allah, all praise and
    glory is to Him.   

    Allah increases them in wrath and regret   

    Another scene that
    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, relates to us belongs to those who
    followed their leaders and masters who tempted them into sin, made it desirable
    to them and even rewarded them for it. On this Day those masters shall come and
    declare themselves innocent of their followers. They will try to escape from
    torment. They will deny tempting those people to leave obedience and disobey
    Allah. They will deny that they encouraged them and rewarded them.

    On that Day wrath
    will fill the hearts of the followers. They will be filled with spite against
    those masters who will come that Day in front of Allah to declare themselves
    innocent of them. They will ask Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, to give
    them the chance to declare themselves innocent of them, so that the fire in
    their heart cools. But Almighty Allah will not grant them their request.

    Concerning this
    Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, says what means:

    [Those who followed will say, "If only
    we had another turn [at worldly life] so we could disassociate ourselves from
    them as they have disassociated themselves from us." Thus will Allah show
    them their deeds as regrets upon them. And they are never to emerge from the
    ] [Al-Baqarah, 2: 167]


    Allah will not give them that chance to increase regret and wrath within
    their hearts. On that Day Allah only increases the disbelievers in wrath and
    regret and never answers any of their requests. Even while being tortured in
    the Fire, when they shall ask that punishment be lightened, even for a day,
    Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, will not answer them or hear them. Please
    read the Saying of Allah, The Most Exalted, which means:  

    [And those in the Fire will say to the
    keepers of Hell: "Call upon your Lord to lighten for us the torment for a
    day!" They will say: "Did there not come to you, your Messengers with
    (clear) evidences and signs? They will say: "Yes." They will reply:
    "Then call (as you like)! And the invocation of the disbelievers is
    nothing but in error!"
    ] [Ghāfir, 40: 49-50]

    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, will not speak to the
    disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection after Hell is decreed for them, nor
    look at them nor answer their supplications.

    The image of the blind on the Day of Resurrection      

    There is another image that the Noble Qur’an gives, which is for the one
    who shall be raised blind on the Day of Resurrection. The meaning of his
    blindness is that the darkness of his evil deeds shall besiege him, thus he
    will see nothing. When he walks he shall fall, groping in the dark. He will
    experience the distress and torment of the blind who is guided by none. Over
    and above that, is the fear that fills him because he is in the dark, seeing
    nothing. He turns to Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, and ask him about
    the reason of raising him blind in the Hereafter when he could see in worldly

    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, clarifies to us that true, He
    gave him sight in worldly life, but he benefited nothing from it. The signs
    that filled the universe were all before him; the visible signs in the absolute
    perfection of everything that Allah has created as the sun, the earth, the
    planets, the stars, the seas, the rivers, the fruits and the like.

    All indicate that Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, is the Sole
    Creator. No one can dare claim that he created the universe, or a grain of
    wheat, or a rose, or a mosquito or even a mosquito wing.

    In spite of the absolute clarity of these signs and although Allah has
    pointed them out to us in His Law and asked us to mediate on them, and although
    man certainly knows that he did not create himself and that Almighty Allah is
    the One Who created him, this disbeliever refused to turn to the Signs of
    Allah. Although Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, gave him sight to see. But he
    saw nothing, thus he and the blind are equal.

    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, says what means: 


    [He will say, “My Lord, why have you raised
    me blind while I was [once] seeing?” [Allah] will say, “Thus did Our signs come
    to you, and you forgot them; and thus will you this Day be forgotten.”
    ] [Tâhâ, 20: 125-126]

    And His Saying:

    [And whoever is blind in this [life] will
    be blind in the Hereafter and more astray in way.
    ] [Al-Isrâ', 17: 72]


    The meant
    blindness here is not the physical but rather the abstract blindness of sight
    and insight. Having the Signs of Allah visible, clear and evident before you
    but you do not see them, while Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, asked you
    to contemplate His Signs.

    The wife that pushes her husband towards ill-gotten

    Before we stop at
    these scenes to be continued, if Allah wills, in the next book about the Day of
    Judgment we wish to present the picture of the wife who pushes her husband
    towards corruption.

    Many wives
    overburden their husbands with their demands. They refuse to live within the
    limits of their husbands’ salary or income. They persistently beset the
    husbands with requests beyond their capability. To please his wife, the husband
    resorts to ill-gotten gains. Consequently,  he takes bribes, steal, embezzles money, cheat and tries to
    obtain money, by all illicit ways, in order to please his wife and realize her

    Such a wife will
    bear the greater burden of sin and will be brought together with her husband
    for Judgment. This wife who incited her husband to steal, and the husband who
    weakened and could have refused. He could have separated from his wife who
    urged him to disobey Allah.

    We have reached
    the end of this book about the Day of Resurrection. We have discussed in it the
    meaning of day, life and death, what shall precede Resurrection, the life of Barzakh,
    the Land of Promise, then we tackled some of the scenes of the Day of Judgment.

    If Allah wills, we
    shall continue the discussion in the next book about Judgment, how it shall
    proceed and about Paradise and Hellfire.

    Joined others in worship with Allah.



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