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  • Chapter VIII: Benefits

     This sublime belief, which includes those great principles, bears numerous and useful types of fruits for whoever believes in it.

    Virtues of Belief in Allah:

    Belief in Allah, His names, and His attributes instils in the individual the love and glorification of Allah that result in his performing Allah's instructions and avoiding His prohibitions. These are the means of achieving ultimate happiness in this life and the hereafter for both the individual and the society: "Whoever, male or female, does righteous deed, while believing, We shall assuredly grant him a goodly life, and We shall reward them according to the best of their deeds" (16:97).


    Virtues of Belief in the Angels:

    Appreciating the dignity of Allah, His might, and His sovereignty. Gratitude toward Allah because He puts some of the angels in charge of His servants, recording their deeds and other things that benefit them. ¥ Love and admiration for the angels because of what they are doing, namely, worshipping Allah in the best possible manner and praying for the believers.


    Virtues of Belief in the Books:

    Appreciating Allah's mercy and care for His people in that He sent down a book to every nation for its guidance. Appreciating Allah's wisdom, for He revealed in these books to every nation that which suits them. The glorious Qur'an is the final book and it is suitable to all people at all times until the Day of Judgement. Showing gratitude for Allah's mercy in revealing these books.


    Virtues of Belief in the Messengers:

    Appreciating Allah's mercy and care for His people for sending them those great messengers to guide them to the straight path. Thanking Allah for this great favour. Loving and respecting the prophets and praising them in what they deserve, because they are Allah's messengers and His choice among His people. They worshipped Allah according to the best of their ability, conveyed His message to mankind, gave sincere advice to the people, and bore patiently whatever hurt they received.


    Virtues of Belief in the Day of Judgement:

    Endeavour to obey Allah to get the reward of that day and to avoid any disobedience to him for fear of His punishment. A consolation for the believer for whatever he misses of worldly enjoyment by what he hopes to gain of blessings and reward of the hereafter.


    Virtues of Belief in Fate and the Divine Decree:

    Dependence on Allah when doing any action, because both the cause and effect are the result of Allah's decree. Ease of mind and comfort, because when the individual knows that everything is by Allah's decree and that mishaps are going to take place anyway, his soul will be at ease and his heart will be satisfied with Allah's decree. No one has a more comfortable life, worry-free soul, and stronger confidence than a believer in fate. Freedom from arrogance when a goal is achieved, because this is a blessing from Allah through what He decreed of the causes of good and success. The individual should thank Allah for that and free himself from arrogance.


    Freedom from worry and boredom in case of failure or mishap, because that is by Allah's decree, the One who possesses the heavens and the Earth. Since that is going to happen anyway, the individual should be patient and hope for the reward from Allah. Allah points to the last two virtues in the following verse: "No misfortune can happen on earth or in yourselves but is recorded in a decree before

    We bring it into existence, that is really easy for Allah; that you may not grieve for what escapes you, nor rejoice in what has come to you. Allah does not love any vainglorious boaster" (57:22-3).

    We pray to Allah, the Exalted, to reward us for this belief, to realise for us its fruits, to increase our blessings, to keep us on the right path to which He has guided us, and to bestow on us a blessing from Him. He is indeed the Giver. Praise and gratitude be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be on Prophet Muhammad, his family, his Companions, and those who rightly follow them.






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