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    A letter from Mr. William M. Johnson (Pussyfoot) of the USA:

    I was much interested in the manuscript of your book. I read it far into the right and got pretty good idea of its contents.

                In regards to your remarks on plain speaking in your preface, I could not find anything in the book that need offend the most sensitive.

                It is, of course, and properly so, written from the Moslem standpoint, and I should like see it, published. I would like to have Christians generally read it, for it would give them a new concept of what Islam really is……..

                If there is anything that I could do in London to promote the project of publishing the book I would be glad indeed to do so.



                Extracts of a letter from Mr. E. V. Finbert, editor of the worthy review “Les Messages d’Orient,” Paris:

                Many of our friends who are specialized in religious problems are delighted with the substantial documentation and specially with the fervour and sincerity of your writing. I would ask you to send me as soon as possible the manuscript I already had the pleasure to read with the greatest interest. I would start translating into French and have it published in our selection of modern eastern works.

                I am always with you in spirit and communion of what constitutes the highest of life.



                Copy of a letter from Major T. H Stern, Adviser, Irrigation Office, Alexandria, Egypt:

                I have read your book “ The religion of Islam” with much interest and feel that the objects set forth in the preface have been very ably pursued.

                Information about the religion which numbers such a vast proportion of the world’s inhabitants among its adherents cannot but be of very real value.

                Many of the English speaking races will, I feel sure, welcome the opportunity to read a book which gives such a restrained and well balanced account of the teachings of Islam.

                In your book you have collated and compiled in a most interesting manner the relevant facts about Mohammedanism. The Person of Mohamed must always be a subject of great interest and the gathering of so much information between two covers forms most illuminating reading.

                While many readers may have a general idea as to the teaching of Islam, this book presents an opportunity to authentic their knowledge and appreciate the religious attitude of present day Moslems, on such matters as polygamy, status of women, etc.

                The prevailing tendency of the world is to judge a religion by its followers instead of first enquiring what the religion taught by the founder was. I think the present book will do much to present the teachings of the Prophet Mohamed in a reasonable and enlightened manner to all who by inclination or circumstances come in contact with his followers and read it.

                I must congratulate you on the excellence of the diction and the general tone of moderation which pervades the book.



    Copy of a letter from Professor Gerald Brackenbury of the Higher Training College, Ministry of Education Cairo.

    I have read Ahmed Galwash’s book on Islam with the greatest interest. It presents the case for Islam in a very striking way, and shows a deep knowledge of the Higher Criticism of the Bible and of the most recent arguments used by the chief Anglican Divines against the literal inspiration of the Scriptures. By his quotations from Christian writers he shows himself independent of mere prejudice.

    It is Important in these days of free thought for all liberal-minded Christians to escape from their prejudices inherited from the Crusades and to learn the spirit of Islam as it exists in the mind of a devout Moslem.

    I hope the book will be published and will have the success it deserves. The Mastery of English shown is remarkable.



    Copy of a letter from Dr. H. E. Morton Howell, Minister and Plenipotentiary of the united States of America to Egypt:

    I have, with very great interest , read the manuscript of the “ Religion of Islam and the life of the Prophet Mohammed.”

    I should say: That as a devout follower and believer in the Koran and the source of its inspiration, the prophet Mohammed, you have in this treatise set forth such an interpretation of it  as shall make more easily understood the fundamentals of this prophet’s teaching.

    A fine charitable spirit’ accompanied by lucid expression and diction, pervades the whole text.



    Copy of a letter from Mr. Hermann Besser, Orientalist, Cairo:

    I have just finished the reading of your book and I should like to express to you the deep impression it perusal has made upon me. As one, to whom the study of Eastern religions has been a matter of great attraction during more than forty year and whom the various works on the Prophet and His Mission are not altogether unknown, I will say that I have never seen this great subject treated with more sincerity, dispassionateness, lucidity, fairness and, at the same time, with a nobler conviction of the truth of the author’s own faith, that the work could not have been better described than that of a true Moslem.

    As such, it should be inestimable value to all searchers after Truth throughout  the worldand this particularly in an age when materialism threatens to discredit and overcome, in the minds of mankind, those “Things That Really Matter.”

    That a book of this nature cannot but call forth criticism and opposition from the part of orthodox adherents of other creeds is certain, but as long as these follow the exampleof tolerance set in your book and no other can matter, the great value of your book and its leading idea of helping men forward, however little, in the way of right understanding, will, I truly believe be in nowise, affected.



    Copy of a letter from Colonel A. S. John Cooks, of London:

    I have read your book with great interest. I am fully alive to the need of a better understanding by Christian Nations  of the basic facts of the Islamic Religion and I wish your book every success in consequence.

    There is a great new movement in all Moslem Countries, tending towards the development of Character and the Substitution of deeds for words. There is, at the same time, a determination to use all the best that the scientific developments of the West have perfected. I therefore, hope that someone equally gifted and devout may write a Companion Volume to bring out the good points of Christianity in the formation of right thinking and action, so that a study of the two may lead to a still better feeling between the followers of the two great Religions, which have done so much to help world development, Islam by its great brotherhood under the One God as expounded by Mohamed, and Christianity by its individualistic responsibility to imitate as far as possible, the life of Christ.

    A full and accurate knowledge of each other’s aspirations must lead to that good understanding you claim as the goal of your book.



    Extracts of a Report submitted to H. E, the Minister of Education, Cairo by Professor J. Walker of the Ministry:

    The book is a work of considerable literary merit.

    The style is excellent. If the book is published I recommend that copies be placed in the school Libraries as it would be read by the European member of the staff with profit.

    I have gone through this Book, “The religion of Islam.” It embodies authentic illustrations of a good deal of Islamic questions. As such, it serves as a guide to the religion of Islam.


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