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    Although on the basis of the Glorious Qur'an I regard the characters of Jesus and Prophet Muhammad to be equally godly, pure, noble and inspiring, yet Jesus did not get the opportunity

    to become a perfect model for men in all walks of life as Prophet Muhammad did. We have no doubt that if Jesus had got the chance, he would have behaved exactly as Prophet Muhammad

    did; for both of them were prophets of the same God.


    Jesus never married and so he could not become an ideal husband and father. He did not triumph over his enemies and so had no chance of showing how a victor should behave towards his vanquished foes who have spared no pains to annihilate him and his followers. He did not have his persecutors at his mercy and so had no occasion to show real forbearance and forgiveness. Jesus did not rise to power to become the model of a benevolent and just ruler and judge.


    We must turn to Prophet Muhammad, and not Jesus, if we want to see the picture of an ideally happy and pious married life and of a wise, just and benevolent ruler whom nothing could

    corrupt or divert from working for the material and moral amelioration of his people. Prophet Muhammad witnessed the phases of both persecution and success. He showed rare patience, fortitude, courage and love for his foes as a persecuted preacher of religion and in the hours of deepest gloom, and unparalleled self-control and mercy when his bitterest foes were helpless before him.


    Jesus did not get the chance to put into practice many of his precepts and teachings. For instance, he advised his followers to sell their garments and purchase swords (Luke 22:36), but he could not demonstrate to them the right use of the sword. To resist violence and aggression sometimes becomes our highest duty - for instance, when helpless men, women and children are being slaughtered and the freedom to believe and practice the religion of their own choice is denied by fanatics and tyrants. Lt was Prophet Muhammad who showed how a true soldier of God, the protector of the victims of intolerance and cruel violence, should behave on the battlefield and in moments of defeat and triumph.


    The life of Jesus runs parallel to the early life of Prophet Muhammad, but Jesus did not live long enough to give a practical shape to his teachings and work out the social implications of his message. He did not have the chance to enlarge his teachings to cover all the situations of life and to bring about the tremendous social reforms that Prophet Muhammad did. The modern man, who has to lead a life as a son, a husband, a father, a poor worker, a citizen. a neighbor, a despised advocate of new ideas and ways, a victim of religious and political bigotry, a man with authority, a successful leader, a soldier, a business-man, a judge, and a ruler, will find Prophet Muhammad as a perfect model for him in all situations and walks of life.



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