The Miracle In The Ant

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    Chapter 8


    We have given you some examples of the effects of Allah's art of creation on a living species only a few centimetres long. It is correct to say "some examples" because there are hundreds more, relating to ants, which can be listed. However, each one of the listed examples is in itself a matter for profound reflection.

    It must not be forgotten that life forms exist all over the earth. The life bestowed by Allah on small ants, which have a complicated system and an extensive range of activities, has also been created for living beings in each square milimetre. Single-celled organisms, insects, wild animals and plants are all created with perfect programming, like the ants.

    All these miracles of creation are things which human beings do not even think about during their daily lives, or they just look at them without comprehending them.

    With this book, we have tried to dispel the deep mist with which modern society covers the people's eyes. Our goal is to present anew the proof of Allah's eternal existence to those who have forgotten Him because they have been too preoccupied all their lives with worldly matters, such as jobs, houses, and financial concerns. It is also our goal to give to those who do think of Him, new material to reflect upon. Both these tasks are very important. And as a major step towards their fulfilment, we have analyzed in this text the miracles of creation, so that the One Who is the mastermind behind them may come to be known and appreciated. Allah explains the significance of this as follows in our only indicator of the true path, the Qur'an:

    And the earth- We have spread it out, and set thereon mountains standing firm, and produced therefrom every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs) - to be observed and commemorated by every devotee turning (to God). (Surah Qaf: 7-8)

    Our goal is to have the readers think of the message of this book as a message "to be observed and commemorated". Therefore, rather than becoming submerged in the troubles of a society which has turned its back on Allah and forgotten Him, the reader should ponder deeply upon the existence and power of Allah and should rearrange his life in accordance with this truth.

    Allah has created all the things He created to become acquainted with Him. Those who turn away from Him, despite this, deserve a great punishment

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