Islam Denounces Terrorism

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  • Islam Denounces Terrorism

  • God calls to the Abode of Peace and He guides whom He wills to a straight path.
    (Qur'an, 10:25)


    Recommendations to the Western World and Muslims


    Today, the Western world is concerned about the organisations that use terror under the guise of Islam and this concern is not misplaced. It is obvious that those carrying out terror and their supporters should be tried according to international judicial criteria. However, a more important point to consider is the long-term strategies that have to be pursued to discover viable solutions to these problems.

    The assessments above reveal that terror has no place in Islam and that it is a crime committed against humanity. They further show the inherently contradictory nature of the concept of "Islamic terror". This provides us with an important vantage point:

    1) The time ahead requires all countries to act with caution, sensitivity and wisdom. The bleak scenario that unfolds with the "Clash of civilisations", is one to the detriment of the whole world, and from which no one benefits. The world community at large must take the opportunity to learn to live side by side in peaceful interchange, learning from each other, studying each other's history, accomplishments in religion, art, literature, philosophy, science, technology, and culture, all of which mutually enrich one another's lives.

    2) The activities serving the presentation of true Islam must be widespread. The solution to combat radical factions in Islamic countries should not be "compulsory secularisation". On the contrary, such a policy will incite more reaction from the masses. The solution is the dissemination of true Islam and the appearance of a Muslim model which embraces the Qur'anic values such as human rights, democracy, freedom, high morality, science, spirituality, aesthetics, and which offers happiness and bliss to humanity. Muslims must explain and live by the moral values commanded by the Qur'an and as exemplified by Muhammad, the Messenger of God. Muslims have the responsibility to take Islam out from the hands of those who misapply it, (which leads to further misunderstanding of Islam) and place it back into the hands of those who live by the teachings of Islamic virtue and by the example of Muhammad, the Messenger of God.

    3) The source of terrorism is in ignorance and bigotry and the solution to terrorism is education. To the circles who feel sympathy with terror, it should be made clear that terror is utterly against Islam and that it only serves to harm Islam, Muslims and humanity at large.

    4) Long-term cultural solutions must be devised to combat terrorism which has its roots in communist, fascist and racist ideologies. Today in countries all over the world, Darwinist precepts form the basis of the education system. However, as we have stressed earlier, Darwinism is an erroneous ideology that sees man as an animal who developed only by fighting for survival - something which constitutes the likely basis of all forms of terrorism. An ideology that predicts only those holding power will survive and considers war as a virtue is like a huge morass that will never cease to visit disaster on the world. This being the case, beside the judicial and other measures that will be introduced to combat terrorism, there is also a need for a vigorous education campaign to be launched all over the world. Disclosure of the real face of the deception of Darwinism and materialism and instruction in the good values God has revealed for people must be the fundamentals of this education. Peace and stability are attainable only through living by the good values of true religion. Without draining the morass, it is not possible to rid the world of disaster.

    Our hope is that these measures will help to the world get rid of terrorism and all other bigoted, brutal, barbarous structures. With the Christian culture it represents, since the United States defines itself as "a nation under God", it should be a friend of the Muslims. In the Qur'an, God draws attention to this fact and informs us that Christians are those who are "most affectionate to those who believe". (Qur'an, 5:82)

    In history, some ignorant people (for instance, the Crusaders) failed to understand this fact and caused conflicts between these two religions. To prevent the repetition of this scenario, which is propagated with mottos like "Clash of Civilizations" or "Holy War against the West", true Christians and Muslims need to come together and co-operate.

    Indeed, the developments which took place in the aftermath of these grievous events indicate that the seeds of this co-operation has already been sowed. This grave act of terrorism, which has drawn the Christian and Muslim communities closer, led many Christians come to know more about the religion of Islam and encouraged Muslims to make greater efforts to communicate true Islamic morality described in the Qur'an.

    All these developments are the glad tidings that people will understand Islamic values better and be able to rid themselves of any prejudices they had held. By the Will of God, the 21st century will be the time when people will truly acknowledge that the dissemination of the values of Islam is the unique way of achieving much longed-for peace on the planet.


    He is God - the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form...
    (Qu'ran, 59:24)

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