Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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    Some sort of relief took place after the chief judge altered his words and returned to his usual carefulness. The chief judge tried to take his cup of wine without shivering but he failed.


    The guests went on ridiculing the notion of being resurrected after death.


    Listening to their dialogue, Masrur felt great disdain. In spite of the fact that they were mocking the notion of resurrection, judgment and reckoning, he said, "You gentlemen, you are talking like young boys. What did you do then to prevent danger?"


    The grand vizier said, "What danger?"


    Masrur ignored the question of the grand vizier and addressed the spymaster asking him, "What did the man say?"


    The spymaster replied, "That we will be raised again from death to stand in front of only One God to reckon our deeds."


    Masrur smiled and said, "That means that the man denies our gods, thus, there is a clear conspiracy."


    The attendants reclined in their chairs. They were stricken by his words that were dropped upon them like a thunderbolt.


    Very quickly, compared to the rest of the attendants, the chief of the night watchmen said, "My master, this idea occurred to me before. We attentively observed Maqrur for successive days and we noticed that he has no relations with anybody. In spite of this we are still observing him. The man lives in a hut that is too weak to resist even the wind. Thusly, the door is open most of the time. We easily watch him from that door. The actual problem that we faced was our inability to know how people think. Consequently, we will not be able to delve deep within Maqrur's mind. We will loose nothing if we wait."


    Masrur said, "O! You want to wait till he sets the whole system of the empire on fire. This system is the one that had chosen you to be the protectors and defenders against its enemies. Is not it the system that feeds you, shelters you and provides you with great authority to protect it? You are waiting till Maqrur himself takes his own steps first, after that you will start to move. This means that your steps will become subordinate to his. This is a great fault and total negligence on your part. Your steps should be the first and you should be the ones who initiate action."



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