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  • Contentment even after being ruined


    A man from the tribe of Bani 'Abs left his town in search for a number of camels that had gone astray. He was away from his home for three days. He was a rich man whom Allah had blessed with great wealth (camels, goats and cows) and a large family. His wealth and children were situated on a vast piece of property. Comfort and opulence surrounded him and his family while it never occurred to them that disaster might befall them.


    The whole family fell asleep one night during their father's absence. Allah sent upon them a torrential flood that propelled rocks, as one would expect a strong wind to propel dust. The house was uprooted and the absent father's entire family and wealth were destroyed. After the weather had calmed, no trace of either family or wealth was left. It was as if they had never been.


    After three days the man returned to his home. He returned only to find a hollow and empty land that showed no trace of life. With the shock that he felt, it took some time to take in the fact that he had lost everything.


    And then, to make matters worse one of his camels tried to run away. He attempted to grab it by the tail, but with its hind legs, it kicked him in both of his eyes, making him blind. Alone in the desert, the man called out for someone to take him to safety. After a long time had passed, he finally heard a Desert Arab answering his call. The Desert Arab took him before Al-Waleed ibn 'Abdul Malik, the Khaleefiih in Damascus. The man told his story and the Khaleefith asked, How are you? "The man answered firmly, "l am pleased with Allah."


    These powerful words spoken by this Muslim who carried true Monotheism in his heart became a lesson and moral for those to come after him. What was this moral? To always be pleased with Allah.


    And let one who is not pleased and contented try another way if he so wishes:


    (Let him stretch out a rope to the ceiling and let him strangle himself Then let him see whether his plan will remove that whereat he rages!)

    (Qur'an 22: 15)


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