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  • Contradictory Teachings of Christianity from Moslem’s Point of View:

    The following would illustrate certain contradictions in the fundamental principles of Christianity, as viewed by Moslems:


    The first and the foremost Christian principle is Unity in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity. This in itself is but a clear illustration of the principle of compromise, of which a divine religion should be free. The Romans believed in three gods, whilst the Jews believed in one. When the Romans showed their readiness to adopt Christianity, a compromise was, it seems at once arrived at. Apparently for the sake of the Romans, the Unity of God as believed by the Jews, underwent a change; it was assimilated to the tri–headed Godhood, and so the two creeds became merged into one. No Moslem person can think of reconciling such contradictions.


    The second instance of contradictory principles is, that Jesus has been called a man and God, at the same time; while the fact is that the Creator and the created cannot be one and the same. Therefore, Jesus cannot be God and man, at the same time.

    The third principle, where contradictions have been brought together, is that, on the one hand, Jesus declares in the Gospels, that violation of even the least commandment of the law dooms a man to eternal perdition, while it is taught by Paul, that the Law was a curse.


    The fourth example of contradictory principles, in the Christian doctrine, that God cannot forgive sins, hence the necessity of the crucifixion of His only begotten son for the redemption of the sins of mankind, while maintaining at the same time, that God would forgive us our trespasses, only when we forgive those that trespass, against us. A Moslem cannot understand, how God both can and cannot forgive trespasses. If He cannot forgive, then vain is our forgiving or condemning; for that is of no avail. If He can than a Moslem does not see that there is any need of Atonement.


    The fifth contradictory principle is the teaching, that Jesus has taken away all our sins by suffering crucifixion for mankind at large, impressing upon us, at the same time, the necessity of doing good. If Jesus by his unnatural death has atoned for our sins, then there should be no need for us to trouble ourselves about good or bad deeds any more. It matters little whether we do good or evil. We are quite at liberty, to revel and carouse at will. On the one hand, Christianity teaches us the doctrine of Atonement, thus making us independent of all good deeds, while on the other hand, it imposes upon us the obligation to perform good deeds.


    The sixth contradictory principle that Christianity offers the world is, that it holds Christ as accursed, dying (as he is believed by Christians) an accursed death on the Cross; yet it holds him up as the very paragon of excellence, the son of God- His dearest one. It is impossible for a Moslem to comprehend how an accursed man can be the son of God. Curse betokens divine vengeance, a great gulf between Him and the the person accursed. To reconcile these two contradictions passes the wit of a Moslem.


    The seventh contradiction is that Jesus is called the son of God, as well as the son of David. How can a man possibly, be the son of two distinct personalities? He must be either of one or of the other, but not of both at the same time.

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