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    Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) succinctly said, “Deeds of charity protect one from the vicissitudes of life."


    This statement is attested to by both, revelation and sound logic.


    (Had he not been of them who glorify, He would have indeed remained inside its belly [the fish] till the Day of Resurrection.)

    (Qur’an 37: I43-144)


    Khadeeja (may Allah be pleased with her) said to the Prophet (bpuh):


    "Nay, by Allah, Allah will never forsake you. Verily, you are good to relatives, you carry the burdens of others, you provide for the needy, and you help people who are going through hard times.”‌ Observe how she understood that good deeds necessarily lead to good results and that a triumphant ending follows a noble beginning.


    Al- Wuzaraa by As-Sabaabi, Al-Muntazim by Ibn al-Jawzi, and Al-Faraju B’ada ash-Shiddah by At-Tanookhi: all of these books relate the following incident. A Governor named Ibn al-Furaat would constantly seek to inflict harm upon Abu Ia`far ibn Bistaam. The latter went through much hardship because of this.


    When Abu Ja’far was a child, his mother used to place a piece of bread beneath his pillow. On the following morning, she would give it to a needy person on her son’s behalf Later on in life; Abu Ja’far went to Ibn al-Furaat for some purpose or another. Ibn al-Furaat immediately said, “Is there a matter between you and your mother concerning bread?" He answered, "No." “You must be truthful with me," Ibn al-Furaat insisted. Abu Ja’far, perhaps somewhat embarrassed, recounted the story of his mother in a manner that poked fun at her and at womanhood in general. Ibn al-Furaat said,


    "Do not speak in such a (joking) tone, for before sleeping last night, I prepared a plan that, if it had succeeded, would have destroyed you.  When I fell asleep, I saw a vision: it was as if my hands were raised with an unsheathed sword and I rushed towards you to kill you. Your mother blocked my way and in her hand was a piece of bread that she used as a shield to protect you from me. As a result, l couldn’t reach you. And then, I woke up." Abu Ja’far gently reproached him for the animosity that had gradually been built up between them, and this incident opened the way for a truce between them. Ibn al-Furaat generously helped Abu Ja’far in his affairs and they soon became close friends. Ibn al-Furaat was heard to have said after the incident,

    "By Allah, You will not see from me any evil after this."


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