Don't be Sad

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  • Don't be Sad

  • Depression leads to misery


    The newspaper Al-Muslimoon reported that in 1990 two million people suffered from depression around the world. Depression is a sickness that has quietly wreaked havoc on humankind. It does not distinguish between people from the west or east, or between the rich and poor. It is a malady that attacks all kinds of people... and may in certain cases lead to suicide.


    Depression does not recognize or stand in awe of wealth, nobility, or power. However, it does stay aloof from the believer. Some statistics indicate that 200 million people are now suffering from depression.


    The findings of a recent study showed that at least one out of every ten people has at one time or another suffered from this dangerous sickness. The danger is not restricted to adults; even the young are now susceptible to depression. Even the fetus in the womb is at risk, for a depressed mother can turn to abortion as a means of escaping from her problems.


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