Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • Destructive friendship


    Relations are usually based on one's interest or true friendship. Friendship may either help or destroy the people involved.


    Allah, the Almighty, describes a scene of destructive friendship in His saying, (And (remember) the Day when the Zhalim (wrong-doer, oppressor, polytheist, etc.) will bite at his hands, he will say: "Oh! Would that I had taken a path with the Messenger (Muhammad). Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had never taken so-and-so as a friend! He indeed led me astray from the Reminder (this Qur'an) after it had come to me. And Shaitan (Satan) is ever a deserter to man in the hour of need.)


    This Zhalim (oppressor) was on the straight path until he followed the footsteps of his friend, who believed in nothing but passing moments of pleasure. This friend had his own philosophy that was based on clutching at any kind of pleasure whenever and wherever they could be obtained, regardless of values and morals.


    He indulged in women, wine and many different kinds of forbidden pleasures. The Zhalim followed blindly in his friend's footsteps and forgot his Lord and the trust that was given to him. So he lost his faith.


    Finally, they were all dragged into the Hell-fire.


    Another scene took place in Paradise which is quite the opposite of the previous one. Its heroes were those who dwelt in the gardens of delight.


    Almighty Allah says, (Then they will turn to one another, mutually questioning. A speaker of them will say: "Verily, I had a companion (in the world), who used to say: Are you among those who believe (in resurrection after death). (That) when we die and become dust and bones, shall we indeed (be raised up) to receive reward or punishment (according to our deeds)?"' (The man) said. Will you look down?" So he looked down and saw him in the midst of the Fire.


    He said: "By Allah! You had nearly ruined me. Had it not been for the Grace of my Lord, I would certainly have been among those brought forth (to Hell). "(Allah informs about that true believer that he said) · Are we then not to die (any more)? Except our first death, and we shall not be punished? (After we have entered Paradise).


    The above-mentioned verses relate to a story of two friends. One of them did not believe in the Day of Resurrection and the other was about to follow him but for Allah's Mercy. The unbeliever did not realize that the Day of Reckoning is true and Allah does all what He wants.


    Almighty Allah says, )Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, "Be!" and it is!)






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