Don't be Sad

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  • Determination can overcome Insurmountable barriers


    When someone is possessed of great determination, he can, by the will of Allah, climb to great heights of virtue.


    Among the characteristics of a Muslim is that he not only has high and noble aims, but also has strong determination, because determination is the fuel that propels one to higher virtues.


    And determination ---- by the will of Allah --- will bring great good to you. People will see you as one who is learning, doing good deeds, working for higher aims --- or basically, one who is achieving.


    Do not, however, fall into the error of confusing determination with arrogance. Between the two lies a distance as great as that between the sky and earth. When one has strong determination, one rues every missed opportunity, and therefore he is one who is constantly goading himself on to reach his goal.


    Strong determination is a characteristic of those that are righteous, just, and sincere, while arrogance is a sickness that is predominant among tyrants and wretched people.


    Determination carries one upwards, while arrogance makes one fall, dragging its victim down to the depths of ignominy. O’ students of knowledge, remain steadfast and resolute in the path that you are upon, and do not falter.


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