Don't be Sad

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  • Dissatisfaction is a trap of the devil


    The devil prevails in his subjugation of man most often in two areas: dissatisfaction and desire. ln these instances he finds his prey to be extremely vulnerable, particularly when displeasure becomes deep-rooted. At this point, he says, he does, and he thinks that which displeases his Lord. P or this explicit reason, the Prophet (bpuh) said upon the death of lbraheem:


    "The heart is sad, the eye sheds tears, and yet we don’t say anything, except that which pleases our Lord."


    The death of one’s child is something that might lead to resentment in a person’s heart. Hence, the Prophet (bpuh) informed us that, in such a situation, a situation regarding which most people are resentful and which causes them to say or do that which is displeasing to their Lord, they must not say anything except that which pleases their Lord. lf one were to keep the following three matters at his fingertips when he is displeased and angry about what has happened to him, then the burden of his calamity will lighten significantly. They are:


    1. To know and to believe in the wisdom of Allah, and in the fact that He knows best what is good and beneficial for His slaves.


    1. To be conscious of the great reward and recompense that Allah promised to the slave who becomes afflicted and is then patient.


    1. To know and accept that rulings and judgments are with Allah, while submission and obedience are for His slaves.


    (ls it they who would portion out the Mercy of your Lord?)             (Qur’an 43: 32)


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