Don't be Sad

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  • Don't be Sad

  • Do not feel deprived as long as you have a loaf of  Bread, a glass of water and clothes on your back


    A mariner once became lost at sea, and remained lost for twenty- one days. When he was saved, someone asked him what the greatest lesson was that he took away with him from the experience. He answered,


    "The biggest lesson that I learned from it was that if you have fresh water and sufficient food, you should never complain."


    It has been said that, "Life in its entirety is a morsel of food and a drink of water. Whatever exceeds that is excess."


    Jonathan Swift said that the best doctors in the world are "the proper diet doctor," "the rest doctor" and, "the doctor of happiness. .. "


    The reasoning behind Swift’s comment is that corpulence is a reprehensible disease that causes the level of one’s intelligence to diminish. Meanwhile, rest and moderation and happiness are satisfying forms of nourishment for the mind, heart, and soul.


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