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  • Do not grieve ---- There is another life to come


    The day will come when Allah will gather together the first of the creation and the last of it. The knowledge of this occurrence alone should reassure you of Allah’s justice. So whoever’s money is usurped here shall find it there; whoever is oppressed here shall find justice carried out there; and whoever oppresses here shall find his punishment there.


    Immanuel Kant, the German philosopher, said,

    “The drama of this life is not complete; there must be a second scene to it, for we see the tyrant and his victims without seeing justice being executed. We see the conqueror and the subjugated, without the latter finding any revenge. Therefore there must be another world, where justice will be carried out."


    Ash-Shaykh ‘Ali at-Tantawi, commenting on this, said:

    "This statement suggests a confession from this foreigner (to Islam), of the existence of a hereafter where judgment will take place."


    An Arab poet said:

    “If the minister and his delegates rule despotically,

    And the judge on earth is unjust in his judgments,

    Then woe, followed by woe after woe

    Upon the judge of the earth from the judge who is above."


    (This Day shall every person be recompensed for what he earned. No injustice [shall be done to anybody]. truly, Allah is Swift in reckoning)   (Qur’an 40: I7)


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