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  • Do not melt into someone else’s personality


    Man passes through three stages: l) imitation, 2) selection and choice, 3) invention and creativeness. Imitation, the act of copying someone else’s personality and mannerisms, is either resorted to because of a strong liking for, or an extreme attachment to, the person being copied. When practiced in extremes, when an imitator copies someone else even in his tone of voice or bodily gestures, what he is really doing is burying his own personality. Though this might seem absurd to some, one need only look at the younger generation of today: you will find some teens imitating famous people in their walk, talk, and movements. All of their idiosyncrasies are abandoned for the sake of copying their idols. Had they been imitating noble traits and noble personalities, I would commend them, since imitating someone in seeking knowledge, in being generous, or in having good manners, is a truly noble action.


    I feel compelled here to reiterate what I have said before: you are a unique entity, and since Allah created Adam (may peace be upon him), no two people are exactly alike in appearance.


    (…and the difference of your languages and colors.)       (Qur’an 30: 22)


    Why then, do we wish to be exactly alike in other matters, such as characteristics and talents?


    The beauty of your voice is in its uniqueness and the beauty of your appearance is in its being specific to you.


    (….and among the mountains are streaks white and red, of varying colors and [others] very black.)                            (Qur’an 35: 27)


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