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  • Don‘t be sad ---- Life is shorter than you think


    Dale Carnegie related a story of a man who had an ulcer that became aggravated to a dangerous level. Doctors informed him that he had very little time left to live. They insinuated that it would be wise for him to make funeral arrangements. Suddenly, Hani a the patient- made a spontaneous decision: He thought to himself that if he had such little time left to live, why not enjoy it to the utmost? He thought, "How often have I wished to travel around the world before I die. This is certainly the chance to realize my dreams." He bought his ticket and when the doctors became aware of his plans, they were shocked. They said to him, "We most strongly remonstrate with you and warn you: If you go forward on this journey you will be buried at the bottom of the ocean." Their arguments were in vain and he only answered, "No, nothing of the sort will happen. I have promised my relatives that I will come back to be buried in the family plot."


    He thus began his trip of mirth and joy. He wrote to his wife saying, "I eat the most delectable of dishes on the cruise ship. I read poetry, and I eat tasty fatty foods that I have hitherto refrained from. I have enjoyed life during this period more than I have in my entire previous life."


    Dale Carnegie claimed that the man became cured of his sickness and that the energizing path he took is one that is successful in defeating disease and pain.


    The moral; happiness, cheerfulness, and calmness are often more efficacious than doctors’ pills.


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