Jurisprudence for Muslim Minorities

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  • Jurisprudence for Muslim Minorities



            Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon His Messenger. 
            After this scholarly journey through which we tried to ascertain the comprehensiveness and depth of the rulings of Islamic Law, and after endorsing the permissibility of living among non-Muslims provided that there is religious freedom, and that the basis of the relation to non-Muslims is peace, while war is accidental and is ended as soon as its causes are ended, we would like to remind of the necessity of the following: 
            1- Muslims should make use of their living in the lands of non-Muslims in calling to the Way of Allah through rectifying concepts about Islam by means of thought and behavior and all possible and available means. 
            2- Muslims should invest every occasion in introducing the Islamic solution to the problems of people in all fields, in accordance with the intellectual and cultural reservoir of every Muslim, with the aim of establishing agreement over them and discharging the responsibility for conveying the Call. 
            3- Muslims should diligently work towards uniting Islamic ranks and shunning differences and dispersion since this entails power and triumph, and coming out of shadow to the activity of life, and consolidating the Muslim existence there, and hence many rights.

            And after we determined that living in the lands of non-Muslims does not abrogate any rulings of Islamic Law, we mention the following:

            1- The necessity of avoiding prohibitions in all their forms, except in cases of absolute necessity, which should be properly estimated.

            2- Cherishing religion and the ordinances it came with and the fact that a Muslim is the most sublime with the values, ideas, and methods he has, with the behavior compatible with his faith, and with avoiding cherishing this world and its joys, since it is nothing but vanity in the Hereafter.

            And after we determined the permissibility of being benign to non-Muslims who are peaceful towards us, we remind of the following points:

            1- Preserving the Islamic personality from melting in the big ocean .

            2- Being keen on maintaining psychological barriers towards non-Muslims and their beliefs.

            3- Not being satisfied with their association of partners to Allah and their wrong doings. The least degree of changing maleficence is to deny it with one's heart, less than which there is no trace of belief. A Muslim should realize that good manners towards non-Muslims do not mean prohibited loyalty, and the value of man is determined by the value of his creed.

         And Praise be to the Lord of the worlds. 

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