Muhammad the Prophet of Mercy

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  • Muhammad the Prophet of Mercy


    Followers of
    the Path

    The path was not easy, but the first
    Muslim generation that Prophet Muhammad r brought up kept
    steadfast, and never knelt before the forces of evil.

    Zaid bin Ad-Dathinah t was taken prisoner and
    driven out of the sanctuary to At-Tanim to be beheaded. Some Quraish men, among
    them Abu Sufyan, rose before him and asked him before his beheading, “O Zaid,
    I ask you by Allah, do you not wish that Muhammad was now here in your place so
    that we might cut off his head instead, and you were with your family?

    Zaid, “By Allah, I
    would not wish Muhammad to be anywhere now where even a thorn could hurt him,
    and that I were sitting with my family

    Abu Sufyan, “I have not seen any people who love anyone the
    way the Companions of Muhammad love Muhammad

    They, letter by letter, word by word, thought by thought,
    action by action, faithfully transmitted the legacy of their Prophet r,
    the Quran and Sunnah. Thus the Last Message to humanity
    contained the elements for its permanency until the last Day.

    They r
    turned the universality of this Message into reality. The Prophet r
    died before Islam had crossed beyond the boundaries of the Peninsula.
    They knew that their Prophet r was sent as a mercy to
    the whole world, and therefore spread throughout the land, as warners and
    bearers of goodness.

    This is the second miracle of Prophet Muhammad r
    after the Quran.
    Living close to the noble person of this great Messenger r
    – in real life or through his teachings – engraves into his followers his high
    manners, deep worship, sincere love for Allah, preparation for the meeting with
    Him, renunciation of worldly pursuits, and martyrdom for the word of Truth.1

    A Companion of the
    r, Sa‘d bin Mu‘adh t, said, “By the One Who sent you with
    the truth, if you ask us to wade into this sea with you, we shall do it, and
    none of us shall tarry or stay behind


    1 Adapted from Muhammad
    Ilal wa Adwiyah (Illnesses and Medicines), chapter one:
    Most Prominent Features of Greatness of the Prophet
    r, Dar Al-Shorouk.

    2 Ibn Hisham, As-Sirah An-Nabawiyyah, Great Battle of Badr, vol. 2, Al-Maktabah


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