Don't be Sad

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  • Don't be Sad

  • For the malcontented there is wrath


    By being dissatisfied with one’s situation and by thinking inappropriate thoughts about Allah, one opens the doors of anxiety and grief. On the other hand, contentment with one’s situation and with Allah’s Decree opens the door to a paradise on earth even before that of the Hereafter. To question and complain about what has been decreed cannot result in self-contentment and inner peace. Instead, it is by submission and acceptance that we can bring about those propitious results, because the One Who sustains all things should never be accused concerning what He has decreed. I still remember the story of Ibn ar-Rawandi, the well-known atheist philosopher. He saw a common ignorant man who lived in castles and who was very wealthy. Ibn ar-Rawandi turned to the sky and exclaimed, "I am the philosopher of my generation yet I live in poverty, while this ignorant commoner is rich. This is a random and strange distribution? Allah then increased Ibn ar-Rawandi in his misery, humiliation, and poverty.


    (...but surely the torment of the Hereafter will be more disgracing, and they will never be helped.)                              (Quran 41: 16)



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