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    Abd Allah

    Abd al-Mulib's youngest son. Father of the Prophet

    Abd Allah Ibn Ubayy

    One of the rulers of Yathrib before the Hijrah. He became a Muslim but secretly plotted with the Meccans against the Prophet.

    Abd Al-Muttalib

    Son of Hashim. He took the place of his father as the head of Quraysh. He dug the well of Zamzam.

    Abd Allah Ibn Abu Rabiah

    : Was sent with Amr Ibn al-'Ass to Abyssinia.

    Abdu Manaf

    Son of Qusayy; took over as leader of the Quraysh after his father's death.


    King of Yemen who came to Mecca with a big army to destroy the Kabbah.

    Abraham (Ibrahtm)

    The founding father of the three monotheistic (worshipping one God only) religions-Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The descendants of his son Ish maci (fsma'ii) formed the tribe of Quraysh, which is the tribe of the Prophet Muhammad

    Abo Bakr

    A rich and much respected merchant of Mecca. The first

    man to believe in the Prophet ~ and embrace Islam. He was the Prophet's closest friend and companion.

    Abu Dujanah

    One of the great Ansar warriors. lt was he who died Shielding the Prophet with his own body during the battle of Uhud


    One of the important men of Quraysh. Violently opposed to

    Islam, he did many things to harm the Prophet. He was killed at Badr. ABU LAHAB: One of the Prophet Mohammed’s uncles, who was a great enemy of Islam. He is referred to in the Koran in Surah cxi.

    Abu Sufyan

    One of the leaders of Quraysh who led the unbelievers in their fight against the Prophet. He finally became a Muslim. His wife was Hind.

    Abo Talib

    The Prophet's uncle, father of 'Ali, one of the respected men of Quraysh He took care of the Prophet after his grandfather died

    and continued to protect him until his own death.


    A Christian servant of one of the big tribes of Ta'if and the only person from this town to believe in the Prophet ~ at the time of his first visit there.


    Call to prayer.


    The Prophet's wife and daughter of Abu Bakr.


    One of the uncles of the Prophet ~. Converted to Islam and joined the Muslims just as they were about to enter Mecca.


    Son of Abu Tilib. First cousin of the Prophet. 'Ali later married Fatimah, the youngest daughter of the Prophet.

    Allahu Akar

    Phrase meaning 'God Allah is Great'.


    Money, clothes or food given to the poor.


    Aminah bint Wahb. The mother of the Prophet.

    'Amro Ibun Al'ass

    An important and clever man from Quraysh; was sent to Abyssinia to bring back the first Muslim emigrants. Later became one of the great Warriors of Islam.


    The inhabitants of Medinah who became Muslims and asked the Prophet to come and live with them.


    Person sent to teach men about God.

    Assalamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuiiu

    Phrase used by the Muslims in greeting, meaning: 'May the Peace, Mercy and Grace of Allah be upon you.


    A monk who lived in the desert on the Quraysh caravan route to Syria.

    Bani Hashim

    The branch of Quraysh to which the Prophet belonged.

    Bani Qurayzah

    A Jewish tribe who were living in Yathrib at the time the Prophet arrived there. Several times they betrayed their Covenant with the Prophet, forcing him to fight them.


    Nomadic Arabs of the desert, usually shepherds.


    The Slave of Umayyah ibn Khalaf. He became a Muslim against the will of his master and was persecuted cruelly but never lost his faith. Later he became the first mu'adhdhin (the person who calls the adhan).


    The phrase meaning 'In the Name of Allah the Merciful, The Compassionate'.


    Things captured from an enemy in war.


    Animal ridden by the Prophet Muliammad ~ on his ascent to heaven (the Isra' and Mi'raj).


    A group of travellers, usually merchants with their goods.


    Large family or tribe.


    Gathering of people for prayer.


    To change from one state into another, usually said of religion.


    An Egyptian Christian.


    People originating from a certain person (children,

    grandchildren, etc.).


    Fated, already decided by God.


    Scarcity of food.


    To go without food and water, e.g. the month of Ramadan.


    The pure original nature God gave to man.

    Gabriel (Jibril)

    The Archangel who conveyed the Revelation of the Quran to the Prophet from Allah.


    To feed on grass, as sheep do.


    One who is responsible for someone (e.g. a child)? A place, or thing.


    An account of what the Prophet ~ said or did, or his silent approval of something said or done in his presence

    Hagar (Haajar)

    Abraham's second wife and mother of his first son Ishmael.


    A Bedouin woman from Bani Sa'd, who cared for the Prophet during his early childhood.


    The Prophet's uncle; one of the bravest and strongest of the Muslims. Fought at Badr and was killed in Uhud.

    Has Him

    Son of Abdu Manif. Organized the caravan journeys of Quraysh to Syria and Yemen. As a result Mecca grew rich and became a large and important centre of trade.


    Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire.


    A holy man who lives far away from people.


    The flight from Mecca to Medinah; emigration


    Abu Sufyin's wife.


    A man who leads the Muslims in prayer.

    Ishmael (Isma'il)

    The first son of Abraham from his wife Hagar. Settled in Mecca where he helped his father rebuild the Kabah. From his descendants came Quraysh.


    Religion revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

    Ja'far Ibn Abu Tallb

    A cousin of the Prophet and brother of Ali, he was the spokesman of the Muslims who emigrated to Abyssinia.


    The Prophet Mohammed’s first and only wife until her death. She was the first to believe in the Prophet and to accept as true the Message he brought from Allah.

    Khalid Ibn Al-Walid

    A great warrior, very skilled at warfare. He planned the defeat of the Muslims at Uhud, but later converted to Islam and fought even more strongly for his new faith.


    One who dies in the cause of God.


    Khadijah's slave. Accompanied the Prophet on his journey with Khadijah's caravans.


    Tower from which the call to prayer is made.


    Building in which Muslims pray.


    One who submits to God, usually referring to the followers of the Prophet Muhammad.


    A small area in the desert where water and trees are to be found.


    Place to which the souls of good people go after death


    Journey to a holy place, e.g. Hajj





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