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    The living beings that have the densest population in the world are the ants. For every seven hundred million ants that come into this world there are only 40 new-born human beings. There is a lot of other amazing information to learn about these creatures.

    The ants, one of the most "social" groups among the insect genus, live as societies called "colonies", which are extremely "well organized". Their organization is of such an advanced order that it may be said that in this respect they have a civilization similar to that of humans.

    The ants care for their babies, protect their colonies and fight as they produce and store their food. There are even colonies that do "tailoring", that deal in "agriculture" or "animal husbandry". These animals, with their very strong communication network, are so superior as not to be compared to any other organism, with respect to social organization and specialization.

    In our day, researchers with superior intelligence and education are working day and night in think tanks formed to formulate successful social organizations and to find lasting solutions to social and economic problems. Ideologues have been producing social models for centuries. Yet when we look at the world in general, no ideal socio-economic social order has so far been reached, in spite of all these intensive efforts. Since the concept of order in human societies has always been based on competition and individual interests, a perfect social order has never been possible. The ants on the other hand, have perpetuated the social system that is ideal for them for millions of years right down to the present day.   

    Then how can these minute creatures form such an order? This is a question for which an answer must certainly be sought.

    Evolutionists, when trying to answer this question, claim that ants evolved 80 million years ago from "Tiphiidae", which is an archaic genus of wasps, and that they started socializing 40 million years ago – suddenly, "at their own discretion" - and that they constitute the highest level of the evolution of insects. However, they do not in any way explain the causes and the process of development of this socialization. The basic mechanism of evolution requires living beings to fight with each other to the end, for their survival. Therefore, each genus and every individual within that genus can think of only itself and its own offspring (Why and how it started thinking of its offspring is another dead end for Evolution, but we are skipping this point for now). It is, of course, unanswered how this type of a "law of evolution" can form a social system with sacrifice right at its core 

    The questions to be answered are not limited to these. Could these creatures whose nerve cells for one million of them only weigh 20 grams, have adopted the resolution to socialize in groups "just like that"? Or could they have got together to set the rules for this socializing after adopting such a resolution? Even if we accept that they could, would all of them obey this new system without exception? Have they formed an advanced social order by founding colonies with millions of members after overcoming all these seeming impossibilities?

    Then how did a "caste system" emerge out of this struggle? First, this question has to be answered: How has the difference between the queen and the worker developed? Evolutionists at this point will say that a group among the workers abandoned working and developed a physiology different from the worker ants by going through genetic variations over a long period of time. However, we are then faced with the question of how the said "would be queens" were nourished throughout this transformation period.  The queen ants do not look for food. They are fed with food brought by the workers. Some workers may have seen themselves as "queens", so how and why have other workers accepted this hierarchy? Furthermore, why have they consented to feed this queen? The "struggle for life" that they are in, according to "evolution", requires that they only think of themselves.

    Ant fossil dating back 80 million years. This fossil clearly shows us that ants have not at all changed over 80 millions years

    All these arguments take us to a single point: To claim that the ants started "socializing" one day millions of years ago is to break all the basic rules of logic. The only possible explanation is as follows: The social order, of which we shall see the details in the following chapters, was created along with the ants; and this system has not varied since the first ant colony on earth, until today.All insects spend most of their time in looking for food. They find and they eat food, then they get hungry again and go off to find more food. They also run from danger. When we accept evolution, we also have to accept that the ants too lived "individually" once upon a time, but that one day, millions of years ago, they decided to become socialized. The question then arises as to how they "decided" "to form" this social order without any common communication between themselves, because, according to evolution, communication is a consequence of socializing. Furthermore, the question of how they have developed the genetic mutation required for this socialization has no scientific explanation whatsoever. 

    When mentioning the bees who have a social order similar to that of the ants, Allah states in the Qur'an that this social order has been "revealed" to them:

    And your Lord revealed to the bee: "Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow." From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind. There is certainly a sign in that for people who reflect. (Surat an-Nahl: 68-69)

    The verse conveys the message that everything the honey bees do is governed by a "revelation" Allah has given to them. Accordingly, all the "homes", that is, hives - and therefore the entire social order in these hives - and all the work they perform to make honey, are made possible by an inspiration Allah has given them.

    When we look at ants, we see that things are no different for them either. Allah has inspired in them a social order also and they abide by it absolutely. This is the reason why each group of ant performs the duty assigned to it perfectly with absolute self-surrender and does not strive for more.

    And this is the law of nature. There is no random and coincidental "fight for survival" in nature as purported by evolution and there has never been one. On the contrary, all living creatures eat the "food" specified for them and perform duties Allah assigned to them. Because "there is no living being He (Allah) does not hold by the forelock and inspect." (Surah Hud: 56) and "He (Allah) is the one who gives food." (Surat adh-Dhariyat: 58)

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