The Day Of Wrath

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  • The Day Of Wrath

  • T h e  D A Y  o f  W R A T H
    Is the Intifadha of Rajab only the Beginning?
    By Safar Ibn `Abd Al-Rahman Al-Hawali 

    Author's Introduction

    All praise belongs to Allah alone, and blessings and peace be upon the final Prophet:

    The contents of this booklet are glad tidings to the oppressed people of the occupied territories particularly, and to all Muslims in general. However, it was not written to give them glad tidings, the Qur'an and the Sunna are sufficient for that purpose. Any other source has limits to its reliability and therefore cannot be the basis of Muslim belief, in contrast to what is supposed by some Christians, Jews and Muslims. No, this booklet was written only to outline terms for engagement with the theoretical foundations of Zionism in its two facets: Jewish Zionism and Christian Zionism, the enemy which has distracted the world, and filled the airwaves as well as books with talk of Biblical Prophecy –especially since the latest intifadha1

    The study of prophecy is one of the subjects of futurist studies, except that prophecy contains that which is authentic and that which is not. The reader deserves to hear the final verdict on this all-important subject, and the Muslim reader especially deserves to have the reserves called out for this long, vicious battle. The reserves in this case being the topical study of the doctrinal foundations of the enemy's psyche and behavior from his own sources which are the spiritual foundation of his faith in his cause.

    When doing this we are not in actuality producing anything new, but are only following the example of the Qur'anic methodology that teaches us to go back to the scriptural sources in order to prove our case and compel the falsifier:

    “Say, 'bring forth the Torah and read it if you are truthful'”

    As we know they are knowingly concealing the truth and obscuring it with falsehood.

    If the justness of the cause is the spiritual foundation of the fighter, then the Torah does not merely prove that cause of the Zionist soldier is unjust, but that it is his duty to fight for the opposing side, and that the settler must understand that his coming to this land only serves to bring down the torment and wrath of Allah upon him. Thus, the least he can do is to depart, although we would love to see him rightly-guided to Allah's light and become our brother in Islam -which is the Faith of Abraham- and to share with us in the blessing of faith in all of Allah's scriptures and messengers without discriminating against any of them.

    He should not delay his departure or his Islam until the day of wrath when he may lose the opportunity. It is my advice to every Jew in our occupied territories not to leave the Torah as the exclusive property of the Rabbis who receive free exclusion from the mandatory military service, while he must put his life on the line for it and them. I advise him to read it, but with his intelligence and awareness, not with the Rabbis glosses and interpretations, and he will discover the truth, which will soon be clearly seen by the whole world.

    He should also understand that no matter what atrocities he commits against us, whether killing our children, or burning our crops, or corrupting our lives, we will only deal with him according to the law of Allah, not according to our desires. We want only for him, and for all mankind, to achieve Allah's pleasure and happiness in this life and the next.

    The complete account and just sentence will only be given on the Day of Judgment before Allah Himself, who shall judge each of us according to the good or evil which we have done. At that time our claims will be to no avail:

    “It is not according to your desires, nor the desires of the followers of the Bible. Whoever does evil will be requited for it, and he will find no supporter or helper besides Allah.”

    This is a word of fairness to which we hold ourselves, and to which we hope our opponents will have the courage to hold themselves, or attempt to hold themselves.

    - The Author

    1 The Palestinian uprising of Rajab, 1421/ October, 2000 which began at al-Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem.

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