Don't be Sad

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  • Don't be Sad

  • Invoke Allah with the following


    "O' Allah, give as a good share of piety for you serve as a barrier between as and between our disobeying You, Give as that share of obedience to You with which You make as enter Paradise, and a share of the faith that serves to make the calamities of this world seem easy for us. Make as enjoy the blessings of our hearing, sight, and strength as long as you give as [Jen. Grant as revenge against those who have wronged as and help as against those who have transgressed against as. And do not make our calamity to be in our religion; do not make the world to be the most important matter with as, nor make it the extent of our knowledge. And on account of our sins, do not give those who show as no mercy the power to sabjugate as. "


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