Don't be Sad

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  • Don't be Sad

  • Knowledge is the key to serenity and ease


    Knowledge and an easy-going nature are like two inseparable companions: if the first is present, the other can be counted upon to accompany it. lf you study the lives of islam’s greatest scholars, you will find that they led simple lives and that they were easy to deal with. They understood the purpose of life and knew which issues were paramount and which were less important. Meanwhile, you will find that the most obstinate of people are those who, without having knowledge, are ascetics. They misunderstand revealed texts and are ignorant of religious issues. The calamity of the Khawary (a deviant sect) stemmed from a paucity of knowledge and understanding. They were not guided to understand that there are issues which are paramount in our religion, and which take precedence over other issues. And so they excelled in insignificant matters while failing miserably in lofty matters not to mention the mere basics.


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