Wives Rather Than Mistresses (Polygamy necessity of the age)

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    Mourners walking in the funeral procession of France's late president Francois Mitterrand whispered out of astonishment and curiosity when they saw a lady wearing a black hat and thick, dark sunglasses, accompanied by a blonde girl whose face showed that she was really and deeply in grief, paying last respects to the president's dead body as they walked side by side with the late president's widow. However, the funeral turned topsy‑turvy when it was revealed that the lady was the late president's mistress and the blonde girl was his illegitimate child given birth to through marital infidelity.


    Indeed, it is Paris, the world's most fantastic and freaky city: the wife and the mistress seen walking side by side, having seemingly developed mutual understanding and accord that it was then no use vying with each other after Mitterrand himself had passed away.


    Some time later, a Swedish female journalist, identified as Kristina Forsen, released a book called "Francois Told Me" ‑ by Francois she meant the late French president Francois Mitterrand. The book and the exciting photos on the inside pages showed a sinful love story and another marital infidelity with her by the late French president ‑ much to the surprise of France and the entire world.


    Interviewed by major newspapers of France and the world, which rushed to have lengthy talks with her on her affair with president Mitterrand, Kristina Forsen disclosed that her love affair with the president ran for 17 years. One such newspaper, "France Soir" reported "Marvin" ‑ an eight‑year‑old handsome boy living with Kristina ‑ as having illegitimately been born to her by Parisian philanderer Mitterrand.


    Declining to identify Marvin's father to profession colleagues, she yelled, "He is my own son alone! And I will not ever make known his father's name. I will not let anybody trespass on this very private part of my life".


    Recounting her affair with Mitterrand from the very beginning, Kristina said that she had first met him in 1979 when she was introduced to him by the late Swedish prime minister Olof Palme as an enthusiastic journalist who wished to interview him. Although he was as doubly old as she was, an age discrepancy never hindered a relation to grow.


    Commenting on the age discrepancy, she said, "In such cases names, ages and positions fall deeply into oblivion. We then only recall a sense of ecstasy, being enraptured in lost moments".


    Kristina was never ashamed when the French press alluded to her as having been a thorn right into the heart of the French president's family. Answering back, she said, "Neither his family, the entire political quarters, nor anybody around him can assail or disparage me. Simply, they did not have what I had, so they had to withdraw quietly. They realized that I was to him the breeze, which he freely breathed in, out of his golden case and his boring traditional life! It was I who broke the boredom he had been feeling throughout his life before he met me; he found within me an independent approach of thinking about all matters of his life, which he had never experienced before".


    Kristina recounted a great deal which people did not know about president Mitterrand. She disclosed that they had a private house in the woods, where they met unnoticed by his wife, the press, or even, his personal guards. In short, they only needed a small official document, which would have made the affair a legitimate and clean one, and imparted legitimacy and social respectability to their son Marvin, but they had not done so.


    Egyptian veteran columnist Anees Mansour wrote in his daily "Al‑Ahram" newspaper column on France's politician George Clemenceau, whom he described as the tiger of France's politics. Mansour said, "George Clemenceau who lived between 1841 ‑ 1929, waged horrible political battles and defeated everybody whom he fought. He was able to talk to twenty people about twenty subjects at one and the same time! However, no one had ever perceived that the shrewd politician kept 800 mistresses, who gave birth to forty illegitimate children".


    Mansour further said "But when he knew that his American wife was experiencing marital infidelity, he got up at midnight and opened the door to let her go down the street in her nightdress. Clemenceau, like all human wolves, despised women most. Nobody else assailed, or disparaged, women as he did either on his playful bed or illness bed."

    In Austria, the press has exposed President Thomas Klestil as taking a mistress who was an employee with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Newspapers have tracked their relation back to those years when he had held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs before he assumed presidency. The scandal triggered off has sent his wife Edith Klestil leaving the house in anger and demanding divorce.


    In 1994, Chinese doctor Li Zi Zhui released an interesting book in the US about the life of Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung called "The Barbaric Life of Chairman Mao". The book is exclusively devoted to Mao's private life as closely seen by doctor Li, who was the Chinese leader's private doctor.


    Li says in his book that Mao Tse Tung was the absolute governor of one of the world's most powerful nations. He was a Communist tyrant whose orders could not be checked and caprices had to be meekly yielded to. He was a savage wolf who was never satisfied with sex, changing girls as simply as he changed his socks and shoes. He would throw noisy balls, arranged by his assistants, to pick up whomever girl he desires from the hundreds of young girls attending.


    The author doctor further relates that chairman Mao believed that sex was the only way to prolong life. He developed a lot of contagious venereal diseases and took much delight in communicating the disease to as many Chinese girls as possible, who would, strangely enough, boast having contracted the disease as the only evidence of having actually met the Chinese leader.


    President Carlos Menem of Argentina has also been involved in countless sexual encounters, with world newspapers daily uncovering his scandals, though such scandalous stories have not, of course, deterred him. Having failed to curb his scandalous adventures, his wife has had to get divorce in the wake of a crushing dispute.


    As to US leaders, one can talk limitlessly about their love affairs and sexual encounters, as the US people does not ever recognize anything as covert at all.   The US people is a scandal‑mongering people, especially if there is a celebrity involved, whatever the area they may be in! They do not place any lid on the publication ‑ by any means whether it be the press, radio or television ‑ of any person whatever, his position, influence or wealth. Books scandalizing senior government or business people are lapped up by Americans and are best sellers.


    One such exciting book is "Inside the White House", authored by famous US journalist Ronald Kissler. In his book, Kissler pursues the whims and love affairs of most presidents of the world's most powerful nation, down to the minute details of the sexual infidelities conducted by each one of them.


    The ugly president of the US, Linden Johnson, made love to five of the eight secretaries he had right at the heart of the White House. He would ferret for pretty women amid reception crowds; when he found out one, he sent one of his aides to bring her to him, as presidential wishes have to be made true.


    One day Lady Bird, President Linden Johnson's wife, opened the door of the White House's Oval Office to find her husband in a position of indecent exposure with a secretary, right with the same office as he received visiting world leaders. Following a heated debate, President Johnson called his personal guards and yelled at them that they should have done anything to stop her. One of them bravely replied, "We did not make any mistake; this is your problem alone".


    Notwithstanding, the US president persisted in his brash behavior. All what he did was to order an "early alarm" system at the lift to warn him beforehand that his wife was on the way, so that he might not be caught red‑handed in the very act of marital infidelity. If the guards see his wife heading for the lift leading up to the Oval Office, they should give him a ring to let him know his wife is on her way for him to get tucked.


    President Johnson had love affairs with other female journalists and girls, whom his assistants would pimp for him. On a single occasion, President Johnson brought three girls in one batch from his Texas farm and appointed them as White House employees to be at his beck and call.


    President Franklin Roosevelt of the US, who came to power in 1933 and was re‑elected for a third term of office in 1940, was highly womanizing, although he moved on a wheel chair. His most famous mistress was a woman identified as Lucy Ratherford. He met her regularly when his wife Eleanor Roosevelt was away.

    Ruth, the former US president Jimmy Carter's sister, was a Christianizing preacher, or, as otherwise called in the West, was in the missionary activity. She would preach on heaven's teachings, calling on non‑Christians to convert to Christianity. All of a sudden, the truth unfolded: she was deeply involved in a sexual relation with Germany's former chancellor Willie Brandt. US and German newspapers extensively reported, in detail, on the love affair between the "married preacher" and the former German Chancellor. The Christian preacher's husband was the last to know about his wife's sexual infidelity.


    Experiencing the same situation was one of the most famous Christian preachers in the US and the entire world, namely clergyman Jimmy Swaggart who engaged in a very famous debate with the great Islamic preacher Sheikh Ahmad Didat.


    The celebrated Christianizing preacher conceded, as major television stations, in detail, were interviewing him having a sexual relation with a prostitute. However, it was Swaggart himself who would always, before being scandalized, preach virtue and show in a bad light polygamy as well as other teachings introduced by Islam, while he himself was indulged up to his ears in a filthy mire of sins which he would forbid his followers to even approach.


    Hence, Swaggart, who had talked abusively about true Islam, has toppled over and fallen, publicly confessing that the circles of Christianizing preachers have always been the scene of the most horrible and repugnant prostitution, homosexuality and marital infidelity. (And say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: For Falsehood is (by its nature) Bound to perish").[1]

    The late US president John Kennedy acquired worldwide notoriety for having been sexually infidel with a lot of women. His most celebrated mistress had been the sultry actress Marilyn Monroe, who was later mysteriously murdered. The killing is believed to have been masterminded by the US Central Intelligence Agency, CIA.


    Robert, president John Kennedy's younger brother, was also involved in a relation with Monroe at the same time as his elder brother had an affair with her, and used to meet her in his office, when he was the US general attorney.


    President Kennedy had taken tens of mistresses before he tied the knot with Jacquelyn. Two of his secretaries, identified as blonde Videl and brunette Fadel, as well as a third girl identified as Judith Campel, who worked with Mafia, were among those whom he had been womanizing with before he married Jacquelyn.


    Even the former US president George Bush did not survive being caught in the crossfire of traded marital infidelity charges. US, author Susan Trenfu cited in one of her books a senior US delegate to Geneva disarmament talks as having arranged a making‑love meeting between the then US vice‑president George Bush (during the era of president Ronald Reagan) and Jennifer, who was an assistant to Bush. The meeting took place in a Geneva guesthouse in 1984. Of course, major newspapers and TV stations scandalously publicized the rendezvous.


    However, it is incumbent US President Bill Clinton who has been the most notorious human wolf of all US presidents in post‑Kennedy era. He has been re‑elected to a second term of office despite all the furore sparked off by his scandalous sexual infidelities, widely exhibited by hundreds of books, researches as well as press and TV reports.


    President Bill Clinton has himself confessed to his widely reported sexual affairs. Assertively declining to elaborate on any of such love affairs, President Clinton has confirmed the exposure by media of his private affairs as having led him into a deep family crisis, which would have sent his marriage bursting at the seams.


    President Clinton's listed mistresses are to the tune of thirty women.


    The most celebrated of them all has been Monica Lewinsky, the centerpiece of the "Monicagate" scandal. Because of his affair with her, President Clinton has been impeached, amid public outcries that he should be ousted. Interviewed by TV, she has conceded, in detail, to be involved in a sexual affair with the president.


    Before Monica, there had also been Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and scores of others.


    A recently published book, called "In the Lobby of Congress", reveals scores of sexual scandals made by reverent representatives and senators at the venerable US Congress.


    Moreover, countless sex‑motivated crimes, incidents and scandals are daily reported by thousands of newspapers, magazines as well as radio and TV networks in the West as having been made by celebrated politicians, sportsmen, actors and people in all walks of life.


    We have had to publish some of those sexual scandals, which said to be done by community leaders in those countries that ban polygamy. Polygamy is not only prohibited in such nations, but penal codes in so many of them make it a punishable misdemeanor which carries a prison term, whereas adultery goes unheeded if it takes place by common consent! We are assertively saying that such an amount of filth has had to be exposed and brought into the spotlight to let those who rise up in arms against polygamy be knowledgeable about what an immoral alternative there is to it.


    A line of demarcation is thus being distinctively drawn between what is wrong and what is right of the issue in question. Polygamy is a reality which cannot be dismissed as non‑existing, whether it be permitted ‑ as so stipulated by Islam ‑ or not as the case is in many of the non‑Muslim communities, where illegitimate relations do exist on the largest perceivable scale in place of polygamy.


    The situation, as thus far reviewed, constitutes a question to those dyed‑in‑the‑wool occidentalists who adamantly resist polygamy as permitted by Shari'a, which is more graceful and honorable, polygamy or a multitude of mistresses? Do you permit an intimacy only on the chaste nuptial bed, or you will be doing as dictated by Satan in both the east and west?


    Men have not ever been known to outnumber women in any country across the globe. On the contrary, official statistical figures denote otherwise. (A separate chapter will be devoted to a review of such statistics). Moreover, if men presumably, only for the sake of argument, outnumber women, polygamy will spontaneously fall out of practice and any debate over it will only be futile.


    [1] The surah of "Isma", or the prophet's trip from Mecca to Jerusalem, verse 81.

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