Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • Maqrur reclining in paradise

    Maqrur received his book of reckoning with his right hand. His account before Allah did not take a long time.


    Maqrur was called in life because of his belief in monotheism. He was a true Muslim who believed in the Day of Judgment. However he never imagined with his limited human mind, that Allah is that Powerful and that the Day of Judgment would be so momentous. Maqrur was simply amazed.


    Maqrur was walking when a very polite and elegant man stopped him asking, "Are you Maqrur?"


    He answered, "Yes... Why?"


    The man said, "I am the one responsible for the servants in your palace and I came to show you your place in Paradise. I have one of your cars with me so would you like us to ride it or do you prefer the plane?"


    Maqrur heard the man but he could understand nothing of his words. He knew neither cars nor planes for they had not yet been invented in his time so he asked the man about their meaning and he told him that they were means of transportation.


    The man also told Maqrur that he has a number of private cars and planes and he has palaces in the country and another that overlooks the sea and a yacht for sea trips. All his wishes and desires will be fulfilled at once.


    Maqrur said, "What did I do to deserve all this generosity?"'


    The man said, "You have said a true word before a tyrannical Sultan. That is what you have done sir and your life was the price of your honesty. Allah hears and sees everything and He was content with you and so you became among the inhabitants of Paradise. Tell me how would you like us to go?"


    Maqrur said, "Walking if you please."


    The man said, "Your wish is my command."


    The man walked and with him went Maqrur, who was amazed by the gardens they were passing. He had never seen such gardens before! They were not like any of the gardens he had seen in life and so he asked the man, "What is this?"


    His guide said, "This is one of your gardens but it is nothing like the other ones we are going to see now."


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