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    The Holy Qur'an can be appropriately described as 'A Book of Telegrams.' For this is how the Book was revealed in the form of telegraphically addressed Messages in answer to the questions on:


    [1] [2]


    The above is just one example of how God speaks! Other examples are to follow. Can any sincere seeker of truth be convinced in any easier way? The answer is 'No!' Yet He (God) Reasons with the recalcitrant in the following words:-


    "Are the blind equal
    With those who see?"


    (HOLY QUR'AN 13:16)

    Of course not!

    Now compare the above Words of God Almighty on the subject of 'WINE' (intoxicants) with the words of His Chosen Messenger Muhummed Mustafa (pbuh), NOT FORGETTING that the above verse 2:219 and what follows from the Hadith below were heard from the lips of the Prophet (pubh) and recorded by his Companions:

    Ibn Anas (RA) reported that the Messenger of Allah cursed every one who was associated in any way with the production and consumption of any kind of intoxicating beverages. He said:

    1.Cursed is he who grows grapes for brewing.[4]

    2.Cursed is he who sells it.

    3.Cursed is he who crushes it.

    4.Cursed is he who bottles it, and

    5.Cursed is he who drinks it, or words to this effect.

    The Holy Prophet (pbuh) is also reported to have said:

    "Whatever intoxicants if taken in greater quantity is also forbidden in smaller quantity."

    There is no excuse in the House of Islam for a nip or a tot, unlike Paul's advice to Timothy -

    "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities.

    1 Timothy 5:23 (HOLY BIBLE)

    Or Solomon's sanguine yet humorous recommendation for enslaving and subjugating a conquered people:

    "Give strong drink [5] unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts."

    "Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more."

    Proverbs 31:6-7 (HOLY BIBLE)

    Lest we forget, please look again at the Qur'anic diction and the words of the Prophet (pubh) above, and you cannot help agreeing that the two are worlds apart in style, structure, and sublimity though articulated by the same lips.

    Another example of replying telegraphically to a question regarding the -

    1. NEW MOONS

    They ask thee concerning the new

    Say: they are but signs
    to mark fixed periods of time
    in (the affairs of) men, and for

    (HOLY QUR'AN 2:189)

    "There were many superstitions connected with the New Moon, as there are to the present day. We are told to disregard such superstitions. As a measure of time, where the lunar calendar is used, the New Moon is one great sign, for which people watch with eagerness. Muslim festivals, including the Pilgrimage are fixed by the appearance of the New Moon."

    1. Yusuf Ali[6]

    A telegram, in an identical vein to the question of –

    1. C-H-A-R-I-T-Y

    They ask thee (0 Muhummed!) what
    they should spend (in charity).

    Say: whatever ye spend that is good,
    Is for parents and kindred and orphans
    and those in want and for wayfarers.

    And whatever ye do that is good, -
    Allah knoweth it well

    (HOLY QUR'AN 2:215)


    "Three questions arise in charity:

    (a) What shall we give?

    (b) To whom shall we give?

    (c) How shall we give?

    The answer is here, give anything that is good, useful, helpful, valuable. It may be property or money; it may be a helpful hand; it may be advice, it may be a kind word: "WHATEVER YE DO THAT IS GOOD" is charity. On the other hand, if you throw away what is useless, there is no charity in it. Or if you give something with harmful intent, e.g. a sword to a madman, or a drug or sweets or even money to some one whom you want to entrap or corrupt, IT IS NO CHARITY BUT A GIFT OF DAMNATION."

    To whom should you give?
    It may be tempting to earn the world's praise by a gift that will be talked about, but are you meeting the needs of those who have the first claim on you? If you are not, YOU ARE A PERSON WHO DEFRAUDS CREDITORS: it is not charity!

    "Every gift is judged by its unselfish character: the degree of need or claim is a factor which you must consider; if you disregard it, there is something selfish behind it.

    How should it be given?
    As in the sight of Allah; it shut out all pretence, show, and insincerity."

    1. Yusuf Ali

    Muhummed (pbuh) received yet another telegram in answer to the query in the nature of:-

    1. THE SOUL

    They ask thee (0 Muhummed!)
    concerning (the nature of) the soul.

    Say: "The soul is by the command
    of my Lord:
    and of the knowledge of it very
    little is communicated to you, (0 Men!)"

    (HOLY QUR'AN 17:85)

    I cannot help over-emphasising the fact that THE RECITATION OF THE HOLY QUR'AN IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER BOOK ON EARTH. IT SPEAKS STRAIGHT AND TO THE POINT. THERE ARE NO IFS AND BUTS, NO PREVARICATIONS, NO BEATING ABOUT THE BUSH. In the whole vast volume you will not get the type of script out of which a "box-office hit," or a record breaking film like the "Ten Commandments", "Samson and Delilah", or a "David and Bethsheba" can be produced for the silver screen - the cinema. In this regard the Holy Bible is the script writer's delight. It is all there for easy transmuting into pots of gold!

    While we are at it, let me remind my readers that search as you may you will not find within the covers of the Holy Qur'an even the name of Muhummed's (pbuh) father or mother. You will not discover the names of his wives or the names of his daughters, nor the names of his beloved companions. Amazingly! though you will find a whole chapter dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ (pbuh) ... Sura Maryam, or Mary, chapter 19 of the Holy Qur'an. Jesus (pbuh) is mentioned in this Book of God no less than twenty-five times, whereas the name of the Prophet (pbuh) only five times. Reason? Are Jesus and his mother more important than Muhummed and his

    mother (peace be upon them all)? "No! not at all" Then why this inordinate coverage? Simply because the integrity of Jesus and his mother (peace be upon them) was at stake. There were various false charges, insinuations and innuendoes against mother and son which had to be cleared. Hence the story of the annunciation, the immaculate conception and the birth of Jesus (pbuh) had to be recorded. Nobody ever questioned the genealogy of the Prophet of Islam at any time, therefore not a word was wasted in the whole Book about the Prophet's birth or parentage. The Qur'an is not a biography of Muhummed (pbuh)! This is difficult for the unbeliever to understand.

    Let us give one more example of the telegraphic communication from the Holy Qur'an on the subject of the Last Day, the End of Time, that is -


    They ask thee (0 Muhummed!) about
    the (final) hour - when will
    be its appointed time?

    Say: "the knowledge thereof is
    with my Lord (alone): none but He
    can reveal as to when it will occur.

    Heavy were its burden through the
    heavens and the earth.
    Only, all of a sudden will it come
    to you."

    (HOLY QUR'AN 7:187)

    It will be worth while to compare this one verse above with the whole of chapter thirteen of the Gospel of St. Mark, which uses all of the thirty-seven verses there to reach

    the conclusion of the single aayah (verse) above. A simple test to distinguish man-made books from the Word of God. You will find the Qur'an free from frills and verboseness!

    Many other examples can be given from the Book of God to prove that its narration is not in the style of men; that it is an absolutely unique Book. In fact a volume can be written on this theme itself. However we will end this chapter with one last example from the Holy Qur'an. It is a classical short chapter of only four verses. All the four verses put together are less in wording than the five examples of a single verse each given above. I give you below a replica of that short súra (chapter).

    In the English translation above, you will note five numbers to the four verses, Nos. 6296 to 6300. In the complete translation of A. Yusuf Ali, [7] you will find his learned commentary. You may or may not agree with his elucidations. They are not infallible. The word of God IS THE ARABIC TEXT your see above, and the English is accepted as the best human effort at translation.

    I will now give you my own observation from the angle of Revelation that we are discussing, eg., Divine inspiration - Word of God, under the title:

      On the authority of the Messenger of Allah, it is universally accepted that a Muslim reciting the above four verses in its original form, three times, will derive the spiritual blessings of reading the whole Qur'an. What makes this shortSúra(chapter) so invaluable? It is not the sound, nor the music of that inimitable symphony which move men to ecstasy and tears. It is the Message, that acid test of religion which gives it that high and sublime status.

    There is not a theology, or a concept of God which is out of the purview of these four short verses. They are the touchstones about the knowledge of God. Through these you can accept or reject any idea of God, or know right from wrong. This is exactly like the "touchstone" the jewellers use for testing gold. Ask a jeweller friend how a touchstone works. How did our Qur'anic touchstone come about?

    Arrangements were under way for me to visit Zambia on a lecture tour in mid 1975. I received a phone call from Lusaka that an air ticket was sent to Durban which I could pick up from the head quarters of the South African Airways in the city centre. I walked up to the airways

    office and approached the information counter and told the man in charge that I had come to pick up my air ticket which had been sent from Lusaka . He told me to see one of the ladies, out of a dozen that were seated in a semi-circle, each with a computer terminal with a visual screen in front. As most of them were attending to other customers, I asked "Which one?" The officer was obviously irritated and flayed his hands and said roughly, "Any one!" pointing in the direction of the seated ladies.

    At that moment, I could not understand the reason for this otherwise polite gentleman getting ruffled with my humble and innocent question. I was looking forward to receiving a long booklet of ticket vouchers. I had handled and used them a few times before in my life so there was no mistaking in what I was anticipating. How can any one of those women have my ticket? I wondered. But the irritated tone of the man's voice left me no choice but to seek further information as indicated.

    Sheepishly, I approached the first lady that I saw free to serve and told her of my mission. I was informed about a ticket waiting to be picked up. She asked me my name which I spelled out for her. As I spelt it, she began typing it on the keyboard before her. She was watching the screen as she typed. I could not see the wording from where I stood. She nodded her head and said, "Yes," suggesting that she had got it. I said that I wanted to leave Durban for Johannesburg on the Tuesday evening. She offered me a 6 p.m. flight which I accepted, and she punched a few more words on the keyboard. I told her, further, that I wanted to leave Johannesburg to arrive in Lusaka at about 3 p.m. the next day. That was the instruction from my hosts there as they wanted the news media and the TV news to cover my arrival. She typed some more words and enquired whether

    I wanted to go to Lusaka via Gaborone or Maputo . I said, it didn't matter as long as I arrived at my destination on Wednesday at 3 p.m. She hit the keyboard again and scanning the screen said, "I am sorry but you are booked on Zambian Airlines and we cannot transfer your ticket to another airline because we cannot contact Zambian Airlines today as they are closed on account of a national holiday in that country." So I was asked to return the next day. Very interesting! I thought, but I was sorely disappointed as the ticket was almost within my reach but not within my grasp. I still imagined that she had the tickets in her desk drawer.

    In my puzzlement, I asked her, "Where did you get all that information from?" She said, "It was from the Head Computer in Johannesburg ." She was kind enough to explain further that every other computer in the country with similar end terminals had access to that computer at the press of a button. I enquired that whilst she was trying to book me on that 6 p.m. flight to Johannesburg , and if there was only one seat left, and if there were other terminals trying for that seat, what would happen? She said the first one within the second would get the seat and the rest would draw a blank. I thanked her profusely and left the airways building.

    On my way back to my office, my mind began to buzz with ideas. This is how it happened, I thought. I mean the wahy (the Revelation of God to Muhummed (pbuh) His Chosen Messenger, came from the "Head Computer" - THE PRESERVED TABLET!

    This "Tablet" is not like the one Moses (pbuh) used for inscribing the Ten Commandments, a tablet of stone. It is unlike the ones teachers use in schools, called "black boards" or "green boards." Neither it is the Tablet of a computer screen or the silicone chip. It is God's Own tablet guarded and protected; it is not to be understood in any material sense for it is not made of stone or metal, IT IS SPIRITUAL! How does it operate? We can only guess -

    Whilst Islam was getting a firm foothold in Madeenah, the reputation of the Messenger of God spread throughout the length and breadth of Arabia. A community of Arab Christians living in Najran, aroundYemen, heard that an Arab in Arabia was now claiming Divine inspiration and had proclaimed himself to be the mouthpiece of God - a Prophet. A deputation set out for Madeenah to cross-examine the Prophet, to match their wits against his to test his knowledge about God and religion in general.

    On their arrival they were housed in the Musjid-e-Nabawi (the mosque of the Prophet): a simple structure of mud walls with a thatched roof of palm leaves. The Christians, ate and slept in the mosque and had discussions with the Messenger of Allah for three days and three nights in the mosque. The details of the dialogue can be found in the Books of Traditions.

    During the course of the dialogue, the spokesman for the Christians, amongst many other things, posed the question, "Now tell us 0 Muhummed, what is your concept of God?" The Prophet did not prevaricate, he did not beat around the bush, fumbling for words and ideas, to gather his thoughts, as anyone of us would have done if we did not have a ready answer. Muhummed (pbuh), so to speak, presses his spiritual buttons (there were no buttons to press) but as I said; "So to speak." as if, like the lady above, in the airways office contacting the "Head Computer" He is seeking an answer from Allah through the "PRESERVED TABLET," the head computer of all revelational knowledge. He is asking, again as I said, so to speak "0 my Lord! What shall I say?" Came the answer -

    Say: (0 Muhummed) He is Allah
    the one and only;


    Allah, the eternal absolute;


    He begetteth not,
    nor is He begotten,


    And there is none
    like unto him.

    (HOLY QUR'AN 112:1-4)

    After uttering the above formula on the Purity of Faith, the conversation returned to the usual discourse of words. No Arab worth his name could have missed the difference in tone and intensity between the two discourses. The words above were not the Prophet's but were God's word. They were literally being put into his mouth. While he recited them, he was only being used as a mouthpiece of God, like the "speaker" in the radio. This data material was programmed into his own, God-given, computer, into his

    heart and mind a decade earlier in Makkah, under identical circumstances. At that time he was being prodded by the Jews who were trying to trip him on the subject of the "identity and genealogy of God."Not unlike the Pharisees of old who were dogging the footsteps of Jesus, their awaited Messiah (pbuh).

    The foregoing is a perfect example of how God Almighty sent His revelation to his chosen Messenger - by verbal inspiration - and how His Messenger had it protected and preserved, and how His human mouthpiece used and reused that Message, and how we, the followers of the Prophet (pbuh), are to have that Message imbibed to use it at every opportunity.

    In the religious literature of the world there is nothing to compare with even this short chapter of Sura Ikhlaas quoted above! If this chapter 112 is the acid test of theology - God's concentrated word, then the rest of the Qur'anic text is its explanation, with which we are to discover the Qualities of God, and avoid the pitfalls into which men and nations have fallen repeatedly in trying to understand God.


    [1] "SAY!" That is Muhummed (pbuh) is commanded to answer: "Tell them!" 0 Muhummed! "Proclaim, express it in words, utter aloud, pronounce, speak out!"

    [2] The same command with the same import.

    [3] I cannot urge too strongly upon my Muslim brethen to memorize the verse with its meaning and share it with all who will give you a hearing.

    [4] It is the brewing of fermenting that invites the curse. Otherwise, the planting of fruit trees for the purpose of eating or selling their fruits is an act of virtue for which Allah rewards us.

    [5] "Hard liquor is for sick men at the brink of death and wine for those in deep depression." Is the alternative rendering of the verse in the "living bible," not a sure death to the dying?

    [6] The comment on the verse is by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Obtain his monumental translation and commentary from the IPCI at a highly subsidised price. A veritable encyclopaedia of over 1800 pages with over 6000 footnotes.

    [7] You will do yourself and your Muslim and non-Muslim friends a great favour by making this translation available to them. See the irresistible offer on the inside front cover

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