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  • O' Allah!


    (Whosoever is in the heavens and on earth begs of Him. Every day He has a matter to bring forth [such as giving honor to some, disgrace to some, disgrace to some, death to some, etc.]!)

    (Qur’an 55: 29)


    When there is a violent storm and the seas are turbulent, the occupants of the boat call out, 'O' Allah!'

    When the camel-driver and the caravan are lost in the desert, they call out, 'O' Allah!'


    When disaster and calamity occur, the afflicted call out, 'O'Allah!'


    When doors are shut before those who seek to enter through them and barriers are placed before those who are in need W- they all cry out, 'O' Allah!'


    When all plans end in failure, all hope is lost, and the path becomes constricted, 'O' Allah,' is called out.


    When the earth, vast and wide though it is, is straitened for you, causing your soul to feel constricted, call out, 'O' Allah!'


    To Allah ascend all good words, the sincere supplication, the tears of the innocent, and the invocations of the afflicted. Hands and eyes are extended to Him in times of hardship and misfortune. The tongue chants, cries out, and mentions His name. The heart finds peace, the soul finds rest, the nerves are relaxed, and the intellect is awakened - these are all achieved when we remember Allah, Subhaahnahu wa Ta âalaa – 'How perfect He is, the Exalted'


    (Allah is very Gracious and Kind to His slaves)  (Qur'an 42: 19)


    Allah: the most beautiful of names, the truest combination of letters, and the most precious of words.


    (Do you know of any that is similar to Him? [There is nothing like unto Him and He is the All-Hearer the All-Seer])

    (Qur'an 19; 65)


    Allah: He is thought of when absolute richness, strength, glory and wisdom come to mind.


    (Whose is the kingdom this Day? [Allah Himself will reply to His question]: lt is Allah's - the One, the irresistible!)

    (Qur'an 40: 16)


    Allah: He is thought of when kindness, care, relief, affection, and mercy come to mind.


    (And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah.)  (Quran 16: 53)


    O` Allah, Possessor of Majesty, Magnificence, and Might, let comfort take the place of sorrow, make happiness come after sadness, and let safety take the place of fear.


    O' Allah: Soothe burning hearts with the coolness of faith.


    O' our Lord: Give peaceful slumber to the restless and serenity to disturbed souls.


    O' our Lord: Guide the confused ones to your light and those that are astray to your guidance.

    O' Allah: Remove evil whispers from our hearts and replace them with light, destroy falsehood with truth, and crush the evil plots of the Devil with your army of Angels.


    O' Allah: Remove from us misery, affliction, and anxiety.


    We seek refuge in you from fearing anything except You, from depending upon anyone except upon You, from putting our full trust in any one except in You, and from invoking anyone other than You.


    You are the Supreme Patron and an excellent Protector.


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