Don't be Sad

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  • One’s inborn character


    The Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him) said:

    "Made easy for everything is that for which it was created."


    Why then are talents neglected and discarded? Among the most miserable and wretched of people is the person who wishes to be somebody else. The intelligent and wise person is he who studies himself and then fulfils that purpose for which he was created. If it is to be a driver, he will drive, and if it is to be a farmer, he will farm. Sebaway’, the scholar of Arabic grammar, studied the hadith sciences, but found it to be too difficult. He moved on to grammar, and he became not only an expert but also one of the foremost grammarians in history. A wise person once said,


    "The person who pursues a line that is not suited to him is like the one who plants a date-palm tree in Damascus, or like the one who plants a citron in the Arabian Peninsula."


    Consider this: Hassaan ibn Thaabit did not have a voice suited for being the Caller to Prayer because he was not Bilal, and Khalid ibn al-Waleed did not distribute the estate of the deceased because he was not Zayd ibn Thaabit (who was well versed in Islamic Inheritance Law) (may Allah be pleased with them). So seek out and determine your place in the scheme of things. An Arab poet said:


    "For battles, are warriors that were created for them, And for books are writers and poets."


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