Don't be Sad

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    Those who have knowledge about Allah agree that when you get to the point of losing all hope, it means that Allah has entrusted to you your own affairs. And when you have trust and hope in Allah, it means that Allah has guided you to goodness.


    Allah's slaves are always swaying from the first state to the second. During the period of a single hour, one can have his share of both. So he obeys Allah and pleases Him, he remembers Him and thanks Him آ» and he is only able to do these through His help. Shortly afterwards, though, he disobeys Allah, goes against His commands, earns His anger, and is generally in a state of forgetfulness ---- all because Allah has left him to himself. Therefore Allah's slave is always oscillating between His divine care and between being forsaken.


    Whenever one of Allah's slaves witnesses this phenomenon --- that of changing from one state to the other ---- he should appreciate the dubious nature of his situation and his extreme need of being guided by Allah in every breath he breathes and in every moment he lives. His faith and belief are in Allah's hand. If Allah were to leave him alone for even the blinking of an eye, his faith would plunge to the ground. You should therefore realize that the One who is protecting your faith is the One Who is preventing the sky from falling to the earth.


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