Don't be Sad

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  • Don't be Sad

  • People should depend on you, and not you on them


    The noble hearted one works for people and does not allow them to serve him. Therefore he doesn't embark on a project that will require him to rely upon others.


    In helping others. people have a limit or point, up to which they are willing to strive and sacrifice for others. And this limit is seldom exceeded.


    Consider Husain ibn 'Ali, the grandson of the Prophet (bpuh).


    He was murdered, and the nation did not stir. Instead, his murderers danced in the streets, chanting praises to Allah for their victory --- may Allah be pleased with Husain. An Arab poet wrote:


    "They came with your head, O' grandson of Muhammad,

    Rejoicing at its dripping blood with joy and mirth,

    Praising Allah for having killed you, but

    They only killed their praises and their religion."


    Imam Ahmad was tortured by being severely beaten with a whip. He was on the verge of dying and nobody moved a ringer to help him.


    (So invoke not with Allah another ilah [god]...) (Qur'an 26: 213)


    Ibn Taymiyah was captured and was made to mount a mule, to be paraded on it and humiliated. Throngs of people who later attended his funeral did nothing while that happened, simply because people, with the rare exception, have a certain limit they will not go beyond in helping others.


    (And they possess neither hurt nor benefit for themselves, and possess no power [of causing] death, nor [of giving] lute, nor of raising the dead.)

    (Qur 'an 25: 3)


    (O' Prophet [Muhammad]! Allah is Sufficient for you and for the believers who follow you) (Qur'an 8: 64)


    (And put your trust [O' Muhammad] in the Ever Living One Who dies not...) (Quran 25: 58)


    (Verily they can avail you nothing against Allah [if He wants to punish you].)  (Quran 45: 19)


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