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  • Performing virtuous deeds is the crown On the head of a happy life


    To attain happiness and peace you must be from those who hasten to do virtuous and beautiful deeds. The Prophet (bpuh) said:


    "Strive toward that which benefits you and seek help from Allah."


    A Companion of the Prophet Muhammad asked him to be one of his Companions in Paradise. He (bpuh) replied:


    "Help me to help you by prostrating often, for Allah will raise you by one degree for every prostration that you make for Him."


    Another Companion asked the Prophet (bpuh) to inform him of one deed that was comprehensive of much good. He (bpuh) told him:


    "That your tongue should remain moist with the remembrance of Allah."


    ln response to a third such seeker of good, the Prophet (bpuh) said:


    "Don’t curse others and don’t hit others with your hand. lf someone were to curse you regarding something that he knows about you, don’t curse him regarding something that you know about him. And don’t disparage any kind of good deed, even if that deed consisted of pouring some water from your bucket into the container of the one who seeks drink."


    (And march forth in the way [which leads to] forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise)                                  (Quran 3: I33)


    (Verily they used to hasten on to do good deeds...)       (Quran 21: 90)


    (And those foremost [(in Islamic Faith of Monotheism and in performing righteous deeds) in the life of this world on the very first call for to embrace Islam], will be foremost [in Paradise].)                 (Quran 56: I0)


    Do not delay when it comes to doing good and righteous deeds.


    (And for this let (all) those strive who want to strive [i.e. hasten earnestly to the obedience of Allah].)                         (Qur’an 83: 26)


    After being stabbed, and while his blood was gushing out, ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said to a young man who was dragging his lower garment on the ground, "O’ son of my brother, lift up your garment, for to do so is more righteous and purer for your clothes. " Even during the pangs of death he invited others to do good!


    (To any of you that chooses to go forward [by working righteous deeds], or to remain behind [by committing sins].)                (Quran 74: 37)


    Verily, happiness is not achieved by sleeping much, by seeking comfort, or by being averse to doing good deeds.


    (But Allah was averse to their being sent forth, so He made them lag behind, and it was said [to them], Sit you among those who sit [at home].)(Quran 9: 46)


    The logic of downtrodden and lethargic souls is:


    (And they said: ‘March not forth in the heat)          (Quran 9: 81)


    (Who say to their brethren when they travel through the earth or go out to fight: 'lf they had stayed with us, they would not have died or been killed.)  (Quran 3: I56)


    We are prohibited from lagging behind when it comes to doing good deeds:


    (What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in the Cause of Allah [i.e. Jihad] you cling heavily to the earth?) (Quran 9: 38)


    (There is certainly among you he who would linger behind [from fighting in Allah’s Cause].) (Quran 4: 72)


    (…..but he clung to the earth….)                  (Quran 7: 176)


    (Am I not even able to be as this crow!)             (Quran 5: 31)


    (That is because they loved and preferred the life of this world over that of the Hereafter)                                    (Quran 16: 107)


    (And do not dispute [with one another] lest you lose courage and your strength departs.)                                 (Qur’an 8: 46)


    (And when they stand up for the prayer; they stand with laziness….)              (Quran 4: 142)


    Prophet (Blessings and Peace beآ·upon him) said:

    "O’ Allah, I seek refuge in you from laziness”


    The wise person subdues his self and works for what comes after death. A weak person obeys his self in its desires, and though he performs no deed that is worthy of reward, he keeps vain and false hopes in Allah.



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