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    Plant It

    If the Last Hour
    comes while one of you has a palm seedling in his hand, which he can plant
    before it falls, let him plant it
    . 1

    The palm seedling will only bear fruit years later when the Day
    of Judgment is imminent, but the order of Prophet Muhammad r
    is: Plant it.

    It is not: Repent! Pray! Ask forgiveness! Rather, Plant it.

    This is simple, yet teaches the whole law of Islam.

    There are not two different paths, one for this world and
    another for the hereafter. Nor a path for the hereafter called Worship” and
    another for this world called “Work.”

    There is only one path leading to both and connecting them
    together. One path – its beginning in
    this world and its end in the hereafter. A path on which worship is nothing
    different from work; where both are one thing in the sight of Islam, moving
    along side by side.

    Once they meet and merge
    into one, the same thing happens inside the soul and the inner conflict over divergent
    goals is solved. With them united, life is no longer divided into worship and
    work – nor the individual into body and soul, nor one’s aims into practical and
    abstract, realistic and idealistic – for every deed becomes in itself an act of
    worship and a means of approaching Allah

    utterance of glorification (Glory be to Allah) is an act of charity (good
    deed); every utterance of magnification (Allah is the Greatest) is an act of
    charity; every utterance of praise (All praise be to Allah) is an act of charity;
    every declaration of the Oneness of Allah (There is no god but Allah) is an act
    of charity; enjoinment of good is an act of charity; forbiddance of evil is an
    act of charity; and the marital sexual intercourse one
    of you have is an act of charity

    The Companions asked, “O Messenger of Allah, is there a
    reward for one of us when he satisfies his desire?

    He r
    said, “Tell me, if he were to place it in that which is forbidden, would it
    not be a sin on him? Similarly, when he places it in that which is lawful, he
    will have a reward

    With his sincere push to
    work and persistence in it, the Prophet
    r teaches that there is no room for despair.

    Take action, work, plant,
    have faith to the last moment.

    Working to the last
    moment of life must not stop because of despair of the results. All obstacles,
    impossibilities, or fears have no weight and must not prevent action.

    Exert the effort, and
    leave to Allah how and when its fruits will be picked up.

    Exert it with complete
    faith; that is your duty and mission and there they end – at planting the
    seedling in the land, not picking up the fruits.

    This was the way of the

    He r always planted the seedling, even without knowing what would happen
    moments later.

    The Quraish might
    conspire against him and kill him.

    He r, along with the believers, might die of hunger
    under their merciless siege.

    Their evil
    hands may catch him while trying to reach the cave.

    But despite all
    hardships, he
    always planted the seedling, giving it
    all the needed care until Allah willed for it to yield fruit.

    This is the way of this
    New World of Muhammad

    Any hand holding a
    seedling should plant it.

    How will it grow amid
    destructive storms?

    Or evil besetting it?

    Do not ask.

    It is not your task.

    it, and rest confident in the Hands you entrusted it to.

    Narrated by Anas bin Malik:
    Musnad Ahmad, Book of Al-Mukthrin, Hadith
    12512; a similar
    version is also reported by Ahmad (12435).

    2 Narrated by Abu Dharr: Sahih Muslim, Book of Zakah,
    Hadith no. 1674; similar versions are also reported by Ahmad (20457, 20496,
    20508, 20568).

    Adapted from
    Muhammad Qutb, Qabasat min
    , chapter of
    Plant It,
    Dar Al-Shorouk.


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