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    fifteenth of May 2006 marked the fifty eighth anniversary of the catastrophe,
    which has brought about the worst calamity that could befall a nation in the
    whole history, namely the tragedy of the Palestinian people. Fifty years,
    during which Israel
    has implemented its plots and schemes to force itself as a reality in the
    region, where it worked on embedding its institutions on the Arabic lands and
    building settlements for the Jewish immigrants there. To achieve this, it has
    usurped the Arabic lands, forcing out the Palestinians from their home and
    uprooting them from their own lands.


    all this the Palestinian preserved his entity and instilled patriotism deep in
    his sons’ hearts, passing on the flag of the nation from the elder, whom the
    enemies wanted him to perish, to the youngster, whom they wanted him to sink
    into oblivion. Such flag together with devotion and love to one’s homeland
    remained alive, purified and kneaded with the martyrs’ blood. This Palestinian
    will always stand firm before all the sufferings, pains, massacres,
    conspiracies, he will always come out stronger, because he is the Palestinian.


    study of the History of Palestine stresses on the right of every human being to
    return back to his homeland, and to stress that the right of return and
    ownership of lands and homes is an eternal, individual and collective right
    that no occupation, state, treaty, agreement can gainsay, as every occupation
    no matter how long it lasts, and no matter how strong it is, is doomed to extinction.


    study tackles the history of Palestine since the dawn of history till our
    contemporary time, it is a part of a large book entitled “Connecting Voices”,
    written by a young Tunisian author and writer called Fawzy
    Al-Ghadiry, The goal of the book is to identify the
    religion of Islam in a simple and easy to understand way, also and more
    important acquaint the reader with many facts about the Middle East, such facts
    that reach them distorted and twisted, due to Zionist meddling that alters and forges


    aim of this book is to inform the westerns of the truth about what is happening
    in the Middle East. In addition to conveying
    the point of view of the Arab and Muslims to them, directly and without the
    interception of the scissors of the Zionist censor. On that basis, the book is
    divided into 11 chapters, each of which tackles the most important issues that
    the American and all the westerns should know. But this great and crucial book
    is faced with a financing problem and in need of all the support to help
    publishing it as soon as possible.
    Thorough information
    about the book is available at the following

    those desiring to contribute to the book can contact the author at



    It is very important and essential for the occidental
    native and especially the American one to learn about some facts that he might
    have never come across before . Facts
    about the history of the Middle East, which is
    the epicenter of tension in the world.
    For undoubtedly the conflict in
    Palestine is the reason behind many problems around the world, starting from
    what has come to be known as terrorism, to the deepened hostility towards
    America, and the tension of relationships among countries, all this threatens
    of a flare-up in these relationships that no one can predict its repercussions.
    Thus it is rendered a necessity for the American citizen to know why such
    conflict in the Middle East originated between what is known as Israel on one part and the rest of the Arabic
    world, on top of which is Palestine
    on the other part. One can never know full well the reasons behind such
    conflict, unless by delving deep into the history of the region, in order to
    unveil the truth of the real proprietor of this land, are they the Jews, who
    believe to be God’s chosen nation, and that He has promised it to them, or they
    are rather the Palestinians after whom the land is named? Let us first shed
    light on the information, which the Americans hold concerning the history of Palestine, through
    studying their stances, then we will probe into the
    history of the region for thousands of years back till our contemporary time.


    Let us first have a look on the
    opinion of the first witness, who is an American lady, 50 years old, called


    " Same as I
    understand about Islam: secular history but dating back to the 1890's unlike a
    lot of my American contemporaries which don't go further back than the U.N.
    creation of Israel.
    I'm aware, for instance, of the Balfour Declaration and Theodor
    Herzl's "Judenstadt"
    article and all the implications that went with those. "


    As for the second witness, who is
    an electric engineer, whom I gave him a nickname George, he said:


    “I know that out of WWII the UN basically declared the area of
    present day Israel
    to become a new state for the Israelis all over the world displaced by the
    holocaust. The genocide committed on the Israelis helped fuel political support
    for this and was done without proper regard for who already lived there, the
    Palestinians. I know this created problems but Israel
    made it much worse in 1969 (I believe) with the 6 Day War (or was that the
    conflict with Egypt) by
    expanding their territory beyond what the US mandated. I believe that the
    UN's initial action was possibly not legal and that the expansionist attitude
    of Israel, while effective in improving their security with regards to Egypt,
    was also an attempt to gain more land for themselves. I have been taught all my
    life by my father that creating the state of Israel was probably a mistake.


    As for the
    third witness “Kazy Experimental” he said:


    That depends on what you consider
    the truth. There are revisionist historians that claim their views as fact. I
    understand that Palestine
    has never officially been a sovereign nation. They are the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. I understand that the British had a hand
    in the creation of Israel in
    that they occupied in what is now the nation of Israel. I understand that there is
    violence on both sides of the conflict, neither side more justified than the
    other. Since the U.S. backed
    the creation of Israel,
    and is an ally, we have the responsibility to ensure that they survive. I feel
    that the conflict can be solved with diplomacy if Yassir
    and the Israeli parliament are replaced with people willing to negotiate
    fairly. One of the obstacles I see for Israel is that there are so many
    groups to negotiate with, each having their own demands. If an agreement is
    made with one organization there
    is no protection from the others."


    The answer of the fourth
    witness Peter was as follows:


    “Being a Jew and going to a largely Jewish school,
    what I have learned from school is heavily slanted. But what I do know is that
    both the Jews and the Palestinians were promised the land by the British and
    when the British went to hand over the area it was split between the Jews and
    the Palestinians. The Israelis then in I believe it was the Six day war took
    over the area that was biblical Israel".


    As for the fifth witness
    “James”, he said:


    “As for the Arab-Israeli wars, I know the Arabs
    started each fight and the Israeli army won each time. I know that any occupied
    territory the Israeli government holds was originally occupied when they won an
    earlier war started by the Arabs


    The sixth witness “Jacob” - a
    Canadian youth - sees the following:


    " According to
    the Bible the Philistines were first in the area known a Palestine and then the Israelites took it
    over from the "pagans".


    As for Lisly,
    her answer on the question of what you know about the history of Palestine, is formed of one word that is more sufficient than tens of
    pages, as she said:




    us now move on to commenting on the stances of those youngsters, who have
    expressed their views with ultimate freedom, and let us tackle the first
    witness, who was Mrs. Clara, as she says that she knows about the Palestinian
    history more than most of the rest of the Americans, who suffice to know the
    events that occurred since the United Nations was established, while her
    knowledge goes back to the year 1890. Concerning such point I would like to
    point out that Mrs. Clara has admitted the Americans’ ignorance of the history
    of the Arabic region, for most of the Americans are ignorant of the events that
    took place prior to the establishment of Israel, as if this place had no
    history before this period, or that there was no inhabitant in this land before
    the establishment of Israel on it. Even Mrs. Clara herself, her knowledge about
    this territory is considered limited, as Palestine
    contains the oldest city that was ever erected on earth, which is Arihathat was built more than 7000 years ago. What
    draws our attention is that for most of the Americans, the start of Palestine history is
    marked by the Israeli presence!! Actually this reflects how far the Israeli
    version of events affects the American nation. For Israelis do not want the
    world to look back at the history of the Middle East
    prior to the establishment of their entity, they want them to suffice by
    looking into the historical period that extends since the proclamation of their
    state till the present time, and they have succeeded in doing so.


    history of Palestine
    extends thousands of years ago, and not just since the establishment of the
    United Nation or since the year 1890, this chapter is designated to unveil this
    obscured history. Mrs. Clara has pointed out to Balfour Declaration, by virtue
    of which Britain had granted Palestine to the Jews, so that they would proclaim
    their state over it, we will expatiate on this declaration, in order for the
    Americans and the whole world to know how the Arab-Israel conflict has erupted
    in the Middle East, and how the British occupation had lavished the land of
    Palestine upon the Jews in a cold blooded way, and without the least
    consideration to the real owners of the land.


    on to the second witness, who was Mr. George, we notice that he has shown
    considerable background of the Middle East, he has started his answer by the
    “I know”, and he seemed sure of his
    knowledge, for it is true that the handing over of Palestine to the Jews
    occurred after the chaos of World War I, and Jewish emigration to Palestine had
    witnessed a gradual increase ever since that date. George said that he knew
    that the Jews had been scattered and dispersed all around the world, and they
    had no unified nationality, which is true, as the Jews were really scattered
    all over the world, then they migrated to Palestine to found their nation,
    where they had given some of the parts of the Palestinian territories that they
    occupied, and gave it the name of Israel. Moreover George admits through his
    knowledge that the Palestinians are the ones who inhabited the land first,
    considering that the Jews were scattered people, and that Palestine is an Arabic territory inhabited by
    the Palestinians.


    he pursues by pointing out that the causes of the problems that erupt in the
    region are due to the Jewish presence in the Arabic territory, and the
    establishment of Israel at the expense of the original proprietors of the land,
    moreover Israel has intensified the gravity of the problems after the six days
    war, when it usurped more Arabic lands and occupied them. Worth mentioning here
    that George was not precise in defining the date of the breaking out of this
    war, which was on the year 1967, rather than 1969 as he mentioned. Regardless
    of this, the stance of George constitutes a correct one, despite the fact that
    he did not go into any details. For truly the Israeli presence in the region
    was the outset to all crisis and hardships, which the Middle East suffers from
    till that very day, and such problems will not halt, unless Palestine returns
    back to its state before Balfour Declaration, meaning the retrieval of land to
    its proprietors, and the return of Jews to where they had come. In addition he
    said that the Israeli occupation of the Arabic territories,
    is what made it seek to guarantee its security, which is true, for how come Israel
    takes over the lands of the surrounding Arabic countries, then craves to live
    peacefully among them, without their attempting to retrieve the lands they
    occupied. Then the American citizen wound up his answer, by mentioning the
    opinion of his father who told him that
    creating the state of Israel was
    probably a mistake. Such stance that complies with that of thousands of Muslims
    and Non-Muslims around the world, is in fact shows the awareness of George’s
    father, undoubtedly the origin of his awareness is owing to his witnessing the
    establishment of the Zionist entity, and saw how the Palestinians were forced
    to evacuate their lands for the sake of the immigrants who came from every inch
    around the world. Such usurpation no Arab can accept, thereto the Arabs are
    seeking to retrieve what had been robbed from them, this
    means the absence of peace and security, which many in the Arabic and Islamic
    world deem that it will never be settled down, unless Israeli presence


    As for the third witness, who was Kazy Experimental, he started by casting
    doubt on what the truth might really be, particularly with the presence of
    corrupt historians, who falsify facts. Actually such suspicion can pave the way
    to know the truth, as he does not entertain any particular opinion, but at the
    same time it still is a passive stance, as he does not move from the phase of
    suspicion, and does not try to inquire into details to know the truth. Truly
    there are people who seek to obliterate facts, and pervert them, whom we will
    point out to in this book. But Kazy and whomever
    shares the same opinion should know that
    truth can be easily twisted to the one who does not know, but the one who knows
    all the details that return back to hundreds, or rather thousands of years ago
    can never be fooled by a falsified or distorted truth. As mostly the American
    nation knows nothing about the history of the region save the history of the
    establishment of Israel, hence this renders the American citizen liable to
    being deceived about such a matter, and falling an easy prey to the forging
    historians. On the other hand, the Arabic nation, which has been living in the
    Middle East region and in Palestine
    for thousands of years can never be beguiled, because
    it knows the whole truth with every single minute detail, for it lives this


    says that he knows that Palestine
    has witnessed no stability all along history, and that it is the birthplace of
    the Ottomans. Actually, such information is not absolutely true. Firstly, it is
    true that Palestine had gone through many wars, but on the other hand, it had
    lived periods of peace and prosperity, as we should not only concentrate on the
    negative aspect, even if it was prevalent. Secondly, Palestine is not the place of origin of the
    Ottomans, as its history goes back to thousands of years before their
    appearance on the scene of events. Moreover, Palestine had been governed by many countries,
    which we will indicate later in this chapter.



    In addition, Kazy
    admits his knowledge that Britain
    had occupied the Palestinian territories, and that it handed it over to the
    Jews to found their state on it! Is not this enough for the Americans to know
    that the Palestinians have the right to defend their land and restore it back,
    after Britain had presented it to the Jews, by virtue of Balfour Declaration,
    which did not consider any patriotic feelings of the owners of the land, and
    marginalized them, turning a blind eye to their right to decide their fate?


    What calls for wonder is that after such admission, he claims that
    violence in Palestine is considered unjust on both sides, how can that be,
    while there is an occupying usurper, and one whose land is occupied and taken
    over? Is it not the right of the latter to defend his land and restore it back?
    Or his right has become even with the one who assails him, robs his land,
    demolishes his house, and kills his family? The Americans should pay heed that the
    owners of the land are entitled to endeavor to retrieve their land, and that
    any occupier to it is an aggressor.


    be the stance of Kazy Experimental is an astonishing
    one, because it digresses from logic, or one should rather depict it as unjust,
    for he has admitted the role of America in establishing Israel. Moreover, he
    deems it the duty of the Americans to work on the continuity of such entity,
    though it is an occupying entity, which usurped Arab’s lands!! Would that be
    called justice! If this attitude reached the Arabic and Islamic world, it would
    lead to a truly hostility conflict, as the Muslims would deem it racism,
    injustice, and defiance to their patriotic feelings. Thereto I beseech every
    American, who possesses a free will to think neutrally, and with no biasness,
    and to answer with ultimate candor the following question; is it just that a
    great country should seek to support the occupation of strange people to the
    land of the Palestinians, to expel them out of it, demolish their houses, kill their children. Then they brand them as terrorists,
    when they defend their lands? Is it just that America should spare nothing to
    guarantee the security of the Jews, and their presence on a land that it is not
    theirs, to which they had emigrated from different parts of the world, thus
    throwing out its true inhabitants? Can that be justice? All the Americans
    should know that both the Arab Muslims and Christians agree on one truth,
    namely that Israel is an occupying entity, and that the Arabs have the right to
    fight such entity, thus any aggression from it, can never be claimed as its
    right, and no foreign power has the right to support it. Therefore, that
    accounts for the clashes between the Arabs and Muslims attitude on one side and
    that of America,
    which regards it necessary for this entity to remain implanted in the Arab


    Kazy continues to say that disagreement in the Middle East
    between the Palestinians and Arabs on one side and Israel on the other,
    can be solved diplomatically, provided that the Palestinian authority and the
    Israeli one be replaced with ones more serious and resolute. He even talked
    about negotiating justly! It is necessary here to make clear to the Americans
    some points; First that the Arabs regard the Jews as robbers of their lands,
    how come then that they negotiate with a thief? Try to
    imagine with me – my dear reader- that a person stole your car, then after
    fighting with him, the thief tells you “let us negotiate justly to end this
    fight that drained our strength, and which has caused a state of antagonism
    between us”. Consequently, the thief presents the appearance of the peaceful
    and honest man before others, who strives for negotiation and peace with you,
    without including the restoration of the car among the terms of negotiation.


    other word, he is no more than a coward man, who wants to negotiate with you,
    to end confrontation with you out of fear of what might occur to him, but at
    the same time he has no intention of returning the car to you, thus he assumes
    the guise of a harmless man who wants peace, but when you talk about your car,
    he tells you “what about me, don’t I have the right to possess a car?” That is
    exactly what the Jews do, they say “what about us”? don’t we have the right to possess a land to establish our state
    over it?” And they had chosen the land of the Palestinians. What kind of
    justice that Kazy is talking about? For the
    Palestinians and the Arabs regard that there is no place for just negotiations
    with the Israelis, except if it contained the term of the return of the Jews to
    where they had come from, and the return of all the robbed lands to the



    is for the first point, as for the second one, it is represented in the means
    of putting an end to disagreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians,
    concerning this the Americans – and the whole world – should realize that
    disagreement will never be settled just by means of negotiations, but rather by
    restoring the lands back to its owners, and the return of the Jews to where
    they had come from, and that constitutes the conviction of all the Arabs and
    Muslims. But it seems that the media and western politicians convey something
    different, in order to convince the westerns that the solution is represented
    in negotiating, without touching upon the choice of restoring the land to its
    owners, then they depict whomever rejects such solution as an obstacle on the
    way of peace. Exactly, as in the case of the stolen car, where a third part
    intervenes between the robber and the robbed, telling them they should
    negotiate for the sake of stopping fighting, and that the only solution is to
    stop fighting and not to return to it, thus the one who turn down such solution
    is considered unjust and an obstacle on the way of peace. Such solution suits
    only the robber, as he would get rid of the demands and threats of the robbed
    man. But as for the robbed man, if he agreed on such unjust negotiations, which
    suffices by putting an end to fighting, he would kiss good-bye to his rights,
    and would not dare to demand the car once again. Hence the Americans should
    realize such sensitive point. Moreover the American and western media have gone
    too far in branding the Palestinian side as unjust, and that it seeks no peace
    because it refuses such unfair negotiations that make them stop claiming their


    Kazy move on to defend the Israeli attitude, by
    saying that the deadlock of the peace process is owing to the presence of too
    many Palestinians bodies, regarding this the Americans should realize that the
    Israeli in the eyes of the Palestinians factions, and all the Arabs and Muslims
    are no more than occupiers, who have no right to claim in these lands.
    Consequently, no one should defend their stance, because no matter how just it
    can be to the view of others, it is unfair to the people of the region, for in
    the end they are occupiers and robbers. That from one point,
    on the other hands the different Palestinians factions see
    that they
    have the right to obtain just peace, according to which all their rights are
    retrieved. Furthermore, the Palestinian authority is the official
    representative of the Palestinian nation, and it is the only negotiating body.
    As Israel does not negotiate with Hamas or Al-Aqsa Martyrs Regiments, for such organizations regard that
    they have the right to get reassured that the negotiations are fair,
    considering that they represent thousands of Palestinians, we have said before
    that any negotiations that do not bring back the rights of Palestinians to them
    are deemed unfair, and they will not abide by them, and such is the attitude of
    these liberating movements.


    us move now to the opinion of the forth witness “Peter”, the Jewish American
    youth, who admitted plainly that the fact that he went to a Jewish school – as
    he is a Jew – made him learn things that are totally unfair, which is an
    expected thing. As the Jewish leverage around the world seeks to describe the
    Palestinians with the ugliest descriptions, thus stirring the Jews hatred, and
    instigating them to annihilate them, and consequently they travel to Israel to fight
    them. Undoubtedly, Jewish schools around the world will seek to distort the
    historical facts to make of the Jews owners of the land, and delude them into
    believing that Palestine
    was an empty land not inhabited, and that they are God’s chosen nation! And
    this serves as an answer to Kazy, who said that there
    were forgers of history, which is true, but it should be added that the forgers
    are not on the Arabic side, who knows the history of his land by heart, but
    rather forging and twisting occurs from the Jews, who are new to the land, and
    who want to employ history by all means to convince the coming generations in
    the world that they are rooted in this land since old history.


    says that he knows that Britain had promised both the Palestinians and the Jews
    to give them this land (Palestine), which is a grave mistake and a distorted
    information, which we will point to later in the chapter. But peter and anyone
    else should know that Britain
    had promised only the Jews to give them this land, according to the famous Balfour
    Declaration, which had presented the Arabic Palestinian land to the Jews. As
    for the Palestinians, they had inhabited the land for five thousands years, but
    they wanted to get rid of the Ottoman rule, which sank into corruption in its
    last days, thus Britain promised to liberate them from the Ottoman Empire that
    had sided with Germany against Britain, provided that they fight with them, but
    Britain did not keep its promise and betrayed the Palestinians who fought on
    their front line, and repaid them by offering their lands to the Jews, who are
    foreigners to the regions.

    Peter says that Britain had distributed the land on the Jews and the
    Palestinians, as if it was a piece of candy, but even this did not happen, as
    Britain had given the land of Palestinians to the Jews, that land that was
    thoroughly owned by the Palestinians, but it took it over and offered it to the
    Jews, and recognized their state, and did not recognize the Palestinian state.


    Peter continues to say that the Israelis had occupied, during the six days war,
    the Jewish sacred lands!! I truly do not know what Jewish sacred lands he is
    talking about, for there were no such sacred lands in Palestine,
    as the Prophet Moses (may Allah be pleased with him) did not even enter Palestine, and he died
    before entering it. It seems that he was influenced by the information he
    acquired at the Jewish school, which he said at the start of his answer that it
    was unfair. But if he meant the Islamic Al-Buraq
    wall, which is under Jewish occupation now, and which they named “Wailing Wall”
    this chapter contains the proof that the United Nations had affirmed repeatedly
    that Al-Buraq wall is an Islamic landmark, and had
    nothing to do with Jewish sanctities. In addition, the United Nations had
    performed prolonged studies about such matter, and had reached the conclusion
    that Al-Buraq wall is an Islamic landmark.
    Nevertheless, the Jews had occupied it by force during that period. Now the
    world had ignored the reports of the United Nations, and accepted such clear as
    daylight robbery despite the outraged Muslims.


    to the fifth witness, who was “James”, he says that Arabs were always the first
    to start war, but the victorious were always the Israelis, what a distorted
    image!! It seems that such view is the outcome of Israeli media, which has a
    deep and branching leverage in America,
    such Israeli media works on imbuing the notion of the invincible legendary
    Israeli army. We all have seen on the TV screens how an armed Israeli soldier
    was running from a twelve years old child hurling stones at him, which has
    shocked Israel when it was published, and it expressed its reserve concerning
    the publication of such photo on a wide scale in such a way that made of the
    Israeli army an object of laughter and mockery. On the opposite side, the
    impact of the Israeli propaganda can be seen in the attitude adopted by James,
    who branded the Arabs as cowards, aggressors, evil, and such sort of offensive
    descriptions, which Hollywood
    had instilled in the minds. For James thinks that Arabs are always the ones to
    wage a war, but the legendary Israeli troop always achieve victory, which is a
    farfetched truth.


    all, James and all the westerns should know that the Jews were the ones who
    started to incur enmity, we will illustrate the features of such enmity in
    chapter four, where the terrorist organizations had ravaged Palestine and laid
    it waste, they had committed mass massacres against the Palestinians in order
    to spread fear among them, and to force them into leaving their villages and
    their property behind to the new comers. It was genocide committed against the
    Palestinians. Thus the Arab troops had to interfere to protect the
    Palestinians, under total worldly apathy, as if it was a conspiracy. It appears
    that James only remembers that the Arabs lost the six day war, but he consigned
    to oblivion the fact that the Arab troops in the year 1973 was about to
    terminate the Jewish existence in Palestine if it was not for the United States
    intervention, and its imposing a period of truce, during which it had opened an
    airlift to reinforce the Israelis with weapons and equipments, not only that,
    but it furnished them with experts, highly developed equipments, and top
    confidential and crucial information which rendered their victory a
    fait-accompli. Thus America
    had breached the truce that it imposed on the Arabs, then
    it tipped over the balances of power. But James recalls nothing about such
    events, and I do not blame him, because it seems that his thinking is directed
    to serving the Zionist interests unconsciously.


    Besides, the lands under Israel
    dominion was never occupied as James thinks, but it was Palestinian lands under
    the control of British power, which claimed that it would liberate from the
    sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire, but when it entered the lands, it breached
    its pact with Palestinians, and gave the land to the Jews, together with
    backing them up with weapon and military training to become stronger as I afore



    Commenting on Jacob view, who was the only one to base his
    opinion on historical proof, namely the Bible.
    We should point out here that
    the Noble Qur’an too has related stories about Palestine, and the Jews
    attempts to enter it, since the era of Moses (may Allah be pleased with Him).
    This proves that this land belongs to the Palestinians, enough the testimony of
    the Qur’an and the Bible to make all the believers
    get convinced that Palestine
    is to the Palestinians alone. Supposedly that Palestine was first inhabited by
    the Jews, would that give them the right to claim it once again after the
    passage of thousands of years, and after the Palestinians have lived in it all
    this period, during which the Jews were scattered all over the world, while it was
    the Palestinians who warded off all the invasions and wars, and watered its
    soil with their blood all along thousands of years. Or were the Palestinians
    just guards to this land, protecting it with their blood, sacrificing their
    children for its sake, awaiting for the Jews to come
    in the end, and take it by force, and with the power of terrorism and weapons?


    Few are those who know the truth, and many are those who know
    nothing, and the proof is the young American girl called Lisly,
    who answered our question by the word “nothing”. Such answer is enough to throw
    light on a section of the American citizens, who knows nothing about the
    history of the conflict going on in Palestine.
    Then on what basis are their political views supportive to Israel or Palestine?
    No matter how just the judgment of this section towards the Palestinian case be, it will still remain lacking of correct historical
    basis, which we will explore through out this chapter.




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