The Sunnah: A Source of Civilization

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  • The Sunnah: A Source of Civilization

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    To tackle the issue of civilization, most of people - cultured and uncultured, Muslims and non-Muslims, imagine religion as something that has no relation to civilization in toto.

    Those people are one of two, either they do not know the truth although its light surpassed that of the sun, or they aim at concealing the truth out of envy and prejudice.

    For Muslims, there is no excuse in admitting the above-mentioned attitude for they have the Glorious Qur'an and the purified Sunnah which laid down the principles of establishing a civilized moderate Nation, i.e., the Muslim Nation. The book in hand is an effort towards promoting a sound understanding of Islam through its basic sources, namely the Glorious Qur'an and the purified Sunnah.

    The Sunnah, A Source of Civilization sheds light on the milestones of the Muslim Civilization and how the Sunnah cared about establishing the civilized Muslim Nation in a wonderful manner.

    It should be noted that this book is a translated part of the priceless Arabic book "Al-Sunnah, Masdaran Lil -ma'rifati Wal-Hadarah" or "The Sunnah, A Source of Knowledge and Civilization" by the great scholar Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, which is all translated and edited by El-falah By doing so, El-falah hoping that this book may open the door before researchers and students to delve into the depths of the Prophetic Sunnah to get out the precious treasures thereof.

    El-Falah, keeping in mind the profound knowledge of Dr. Al-Qaradawi, asks its beloved readers to read this book with fresh and attentive mind to catch the hoped benefits thereof.

    El-Falah, on its part, appreciates the efforts made by Mrs. Raw'ah Nazar in translating this precious book. It also offers many thanks to its sincere team of editors and proofreaders: `Ali Muhammad El-Sawi, Wa'il `Abdul- Mut'al Najm, headed by `Ali El-Sayed El-Halawany.

    All praise is due to Allah, and blessing and peace be upon His Prophet and those who follow in his footsteps till the Day of Judgment.


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