Riyad Us-Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous)

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  • Riyad Us-Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous)

  • Chapter 124
    Prohibition of using the skin of the Leopard

    811. Mu`awiyah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "Do not ride on saddles made from silk or leopard's skin.''
    [Abu Dawud].

    Commentary:  This Hadith prohibits Muslim men from using fur and the leopard's hide. In fact the non-Muslim contemporaries of the Prophet (PBUH) used to wear them. Since, they had an epicurean lifestyle, unconcerned about the Hereafter, the Muslims were dissuaded from emulating their example. The motive behind the ban by Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was to help believers in acquiring a sense of Taqwa (consciousness of Allah/fear of Allah). As for pure silk, Muslim men are totally disallowed to use it. Even the saddle-cloth must not be of silk. The same rule applies to any usable thing made from the leopard's hide because it is expressive of arrogance and also bears resemblance to the non-Muslim way of life.

    812. Abul-Malih on the authority of his father reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) prohibited the use of the skins of wild animals.
    [Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi and An-Nasa'i].

      Another narration in At-Tirmidhi is: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) forbade the use of the skins of wild animals in making Firash (i.e., something to sit on or lie down on, such as cushions, pillows, covers, spreads, saddles, etc.).

    Commentary:  The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has forbidden the use of hide of wild beasts. Explaining the ban by Messenger of Allah (PBUH), some say that even the tanning process cannot wipe out hair from a beast's hide. As a result it retains some impurity. Others think that the prohibitive order is related only to the untanned hides and is inapplicable to the tanned ones. This opinion also goes since such hides are used by extravagant and arrogant people, and its use by Muslims may hold them analogous to the former. But Imam Ash-Shaukani is of the view that the hides of beasts, whether tanned or untanned, must not be used. We also have in view the saying of Messenger of Allah (PBUH): "Tanning purifies every hide.'' Yet, in the light of the current Hadith it will be considered as specific. The hides of beasts will remain unclean and unusable in all circumstances.


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