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    Jeremiah's Family History

    Another prophet is Jeremiah (pbuh) Ibn Hilkiah from the
    House of Levi Ibn Jacob (pbuh). It has been claimed that he was
    Al-Khidr. This was related by Al-Dahak from Ibn Abbas but it is not

    Traditions About Jeremiah

    Ibn Asakir reported that it is written in some scrolls
    that Jeremiah stood upon the blood of John Ibn Zechariah while it was
    flowing and he said: "O blood! You have enlightened the people, so take
    a rest." So it stopped and condensed until it disappeared.

    There is a tradition that Jeremiah asked Allah: "O
    Lord! Which of Your slaves is more lovable to You?" He answered: "Those
    who remember Me most away from their remembrance of My creatures; those
    who are not thinking of death, nor speak of eternal living; those who,
    when they are allured by the riches of this world, despise them, and
    when they lose them are happy; those have My love, indeed, and I shall
    reward them more than they desired."

    Allah's Warning to the Children of Israel

    Almighty Allah declared: And We gave Moses the
    Scripture and made it a guidance for the children of Israel (saying):
    "Take not other than me as your Wakil (Protector, Lord, or Disposer of
    your affairs, etc). O offspring of those whom We carried in the ship
    with Noah! Verily, he was a grateful slave."

    And We decreed for the children of Israel in the
    Scripture, that indeed you would do mischief of the earth twice and you
    will become tyrants and extremely arrogant! So, when the promise came
    for the first of the two, We sent against you slaves of Yours given to
    terrible warfare. They entered the very innermost parts of your homes.
    And it was a promise completely fulfilled. Then We gave you once again,
    a return of victory over them. And We helped you with wealth and
    children and made you more numerous in manpower.

    And We said: "If you do good, you do good for
    yourselves, and if you do evil (you do it) against yourselves."

    Then, when the second promise came to pass, (We
    permitted your enemies) to make your faces sorrowful and to enter the
    mosque (of Jerusalem) as they had entered it before, and to destroy
    with utter destruction that fell in their hands.

    (And We said in the Torah): "It may be that your
    Lord may show mercy unto you, but if you return to sins, We shall
    return to Our Punishment. And We have made Hell a prison for the
    disbeliveers." (Ch 17:2-8 Quran).

    Allah's Message to the Children of Israel

    Wahb Ibn Munbah reported that when sin increased, Allah
    revealed to an Israelite prophet called Amos (Mamia) (pbuh) that he
    should stand before his people and admonish them that they are
    hard-headed, blind, and deaf and tell them: "I (Allah) remember their
    forefathers, and that makes Me merciful with them. And ask them about
    My bounty: can any of them benefit from disobeying Me? And does any
    suffer who obeys Me? The beasts remember their countries and return to
    them, but those people have forgotten why I have favored them for the
    sake of their forefathers, and have misused their generosity. Your
    cries have forgotten My tenets and your reciters worship other than Me,
    and your women have not learned a useful lesson and their rulers have
    lied against me and My messengers. Their hearts and mouths are full of
    lies. And I swear by My majesty and power that I will send upon them
    people with strange tongues, and strange faces, merciless in the face
    of their tears; and I shall send them a tyrannous cruel king, with an
    army like clouds, and followers like storms, and their flags like the
    wings of eagles, and the paces of their hoses like the decades of a
    journey. They will return buildings to dust, and leave the villages a
    wilderness. Woe betide it and its inhabitants if they shout and invoke!
    I will not look at their faces."

    Allah's Warning to the Children of Israel -

    Ibn Asaker has related the same in these words: Ishaaq
    Ibn Bishr said that Idris told them that Wahb Ibn Munbah said that
    Allah the Exalted sent Jeremiah to the children of Israel when the
    situation had become worse among them - in disobedience, killing of
    prophets and covetousness. Allah was determined to revenge Himself upon
    them vindictively; and so He revealed to Jeremiah: "I am going to
    destroy Jerusalem (the children of Israel) irevenge. Go to the Dome of
    the Rock. I will give you My commands and revelations." Jeremiah stood
    up and rent his clothes, and applied ashes to his face and fell
    prostrate and said: "O Lord! Would that my mother had not borne me,
    when You made me the last prophet of Israel, and Jerusalem be destroyed
    in my time." Allah said: "Raise your head." He raised his head, wept,
    and said: "O my Lord! Whom will You set against them?" He said: "The
    worshippers of fire who do not fear My punishment, nor expect My
    reward. Stand up Jeremiah, and hear the news about Israel. Before I
    chose you, I had made you and favored you and honored you. Go with the
    king and guide and protect him." (He was with the king while he was
    receiving revelation from Allah, and they forgot how Allah saved them.)
    "Go and tell them what I have told you." "O Allah! I am weak and if You
    do not strengthen me." "Do you not know that all affairs are controlled
    by Me? I am Allah without semblance, or any like Me. I spoke to the
    oceans so; I am with you, and nothing shall harm you. Go to your people
    and tell them: Allah has remembered you, with His remembrance of our
    forefathers' good deeds. The animals remember their countries and
    return to them. But those people of yours are drenched in destruction
    and damnation, for they have forgotten the purpose of My generosity to
    their forefathers and have misplaced My favors. The scholars and
    priests have gone astray and have worshipped another god besides Me.
    "As for their kings and princes, they have been lavished with My bounty
    and though themselves safe from My fate. They abandon My Book and kill
    My prophets. Is it possible for Me to have a partner? Is it possible
    for Me to make a creature to be worshipped and to be obeyed besides Me?
    As for their reciters and jurists, they teach and learn what they like.
    As for the children of the prophets, they are oppressed and seduced and
    go with the crowd. They want the positions of their fathers without the
    discipline, patience, piety, and kindness of their fathers.

    "By my power, I swear, that I shall send woe upon them
    that no wise man can understand. I shall replace their luxury with
    ordeal, chains, and fetters and after dwelling in palaces, they will
    dwell in dust. I will disgrace and degrade their womenfolk. I create My
    creatures and slaves with mercy and bounty. If they accept and
    recognize it, I complete My favors and mercy. When I change My mind, I
    change My mind; and if I change, I am angry; and if I am angry, I
    punish, and nothing prospers with My anger."

    Jeremiah Pleads on Behalf of His People

    According to Ka'b, Jeremiah said: "By your grace I have
    come to learn before You; how is it possible when I am weak and
    powerless, to speak before You? But by Your mercy You have spared me to
    this day. None fears this punishment more than I do, because I have
    been among them while they disobeyed You, yet without it changing me.
    If You punish me, I deserve it, and if You spare me, I expect it of
    Your kindness. O Lord, You are Overlord! Are you going to destroy their
    country when it is the place of Your prophets the place of Your
    revelations? O Lord the Exalted and Blessed by Your Name! For You to
    destroy this mosque and all pertaining to it, and those houses which
    landed Your praise! O Lord, for You to kill these people and punish
    them, when they are the issue of Abraham Your faithful friend and David
    Your chosen one! O lord, which village will escape Your punishment
    then? Which worshipper will escape Your vengeance after the children of
    Your faithful friend Abraham?"

    He on High said: "He who disobeys Me will not detest My
    punishment. I had honored them because they obeyed Me. If they
    disobeyed me I will place them among the disobedient, until I rescue
    them out of My Mercy."

    Jeremiah said: "O Lord, You made friends with Abraham
    and for his sake You preserved us; and Moses You did save; and he asked
    You to save us and not abandon us, nor throw us to the enemy." And so
    Allah revealed to him: "O Jeremiah, I made you honored in your mother's
    womb and have chosen you to this day. If your people had protected the
    orphans, the widows, the helpless, and the stranded, I would have been
    their Sustainer. They would have been like a blissful garden to Me; but
    I complain of the children of Israel to you. I have been the kind
    shepherd to them; but I honor only those who honor and despise those
    who despise My command. Those before them feared Me, but these people
    displayed their obedience of Me in the temple, market place, hill and
    mountain tops, and under the shade of trees until the heavens wondered
    at them before Me, and the earth and the mountains, including the
    beasts, wondered and wailed. All that had no effect on them; nor was
    the Book useful to them."

    Jeremiah's People Refuse to Listen

    Ka'b said that when Jeremiah delivered the message of
    his Lord, and the people heard the threats and warnings in it, they
    said: "You are lying, if you are saying that Allah shall destroy the
    land, His temple, His Book, His worship, and monotheism." They captured
    Jeremiah, tied him up and imprisoned him. At this, Allah sent
    Nabuchadnezzar upon them. He entered the country with his troops and
    surrounded the city. When the siege was prolonged they surrendered to
    his rule. They opened the gates and Nabuchadnezzar's troops streamed in.

    Nebuchadnezzar's Rule

    He ruled them savagely and punished them cruelly. He
    killed a third of them, captured a third, and spared the lame and the
    old; then h trampled upon them with the horses, demolished their
    houses, drew the youth along, and stood the women in the market places
    as guards. He intimidated the troops and destroyed the castles and
    temples. He burned the Torah. He asked about Daniel, the prophet who
    had written to him, but he was dead. His family took out the letter
    which he had written to him. Among the family members were Daniel the
    youngest son of Ezekiel, Azariah, and Mishael. He left that letter for
    them. The younger Daniel succeeded the elder Daniel. Nabuchadnezzar
    entered Jerusalem with his troops, then marched to Syria. He killed the
    children of Israel until he almost exterminated them. He returned to
    Babylon with booty in the form of treasure and men, among them young
    princes and children of priests numbering seventy thousand.

    Nebuchadnezzar and Jeremiah Meet

    Ibn Ishaaq Ibn Bishr reported that Wahb bin Munbah
    stated that after Nabuchadnezzar had destroyed Jerusalem, he was told
    that the Israelites had a man who used to predict what had befallen
    them, describing the king and his actions, foretelling that he would
    slay their warriors, capture their children, destroy the temple, and
    burn their Torah. They had said he was lying, and so they had tied him
    and kept him in prison. Nabuchadnezzar ordered that he be brought out
    from prison. Jeremiah was released and the king said to him: "Did you
    warn those people against what has happened to them?" Jeremiah affirmed
    it and the king said: "I knew that." Jeremiah stated: "Allah sent me to
    them and they accused me of lying." He asked: "Did they beat you and
    imprison you?" He replied: "Yes." The king said: "What a wicked race,
    to deny their prophet and their Lord's message! So would you like to
    join me, for me to honor you and make you free? And if you want to
    remain in your country, I grant you that." Jeremiah replied: "I am
    still in the security of Allah when I did not go away from the country
    at all. If the Israelites did not go out of it, they would not fear
    you, nor any other, nor would you have authority over them." When
    Nabuchadnezzar heard this, he let him alone, and so Jeremiah went to
    live in his place in Elia (Elat).

    Nebuchadnezzar and Jeremiah Meet - Variation

    According to Hisham Ibn al-Kalbi, Nabuchadnezzar
    marched on Jerusalem, its king who was a descendant of David, who had
    built Jerusalem for the Israelites - made peace with him.
    Nabuchadnezzar took hostages and departed. When he had gone as far as
    Thahria, he learned that the Israelites had risen against their king
    and killed him because he had made peace with him. So, Nabuchadnezzar
    beheaded all the hostages that were with him. He returned to the
    Israelites and invaded the city, killing the warriors and capturing
    their families.

    When he had found Jeremiah in prison and released him,
    Jeremiah told him his story and his warnings concerning him.
    Nabuchadnezzar said: "What a wicked people, that disobey the prophet of
    Allah!" He set him free and honored him. Jeremiah gathered around him
    the remaining weak souls of Israel.

    The Children of Israel Do Not Repent

    He said to them: "Woe to us! We
    have disobeyed Allah. We must repent to Allah, Great and Majestic, for
    what we have done, and I shall pray to Allah to accept our repentance."
    He prayed so, and Allah revealed to him that He would not accept it:
    "If they are sincere, they must stay with you in this country (or
    town)." He told them what Allah had revealed. They said: "How can we
    stay in this town when it has been devastated and Allah is angry with
    its people?" So they refused to stay.

    Ibn al-Kalbi said that since that time, the children of
    Israel were dispersed the world over. Some of them went to the Hijaz,
    Taif and Medina, and others settled in Wadi al Qura. Some went to
    Egypt, and Nabuchadnezzar wrote to its king, demanding those who had
    escaped thither, but he refused. So Nabuchadnezzar mounted his army and
    fought him. He defeated him and captured their children. Then he
    marched to the extreme of Morocco. He returned from Morocco, Egypt,
    Jerusalem, Palestine, and Jordan with many captives, and among them was

    Ibn al-Kalbi said that it appears that it was Daniel,
    the youngest son of Ezekiel, and not the elder Daniel, according to Ibn
    Munbah. Allah knows best.

    Jeremiah Sleeps for 100 Years, Jerusalem is

    Hashim ibn Al-Kalbi reported that Allah the Exalted
    revealed to Jeremiah: "I am going to reconstruct Jerusalem, so go
    there." He went and found it devastated. He said to himself: "Exalted
    be Allah! Allah told me to come to this city and that He was
    reconstructing it. When will Allah rebuild it? And when will He bring
    it back to life?"

    Then he slept, and his donkey with him, for seventy
    years until Nebuchadnezzar and the king over him - Laharasab, who had
    ruled one hundred twenty years - had perished. Laharasab was succeeded
    by his son Bashtaasib (According to the Bible, Ezra 1, this would be
    King Cyrus of Persia). News of the death of Nebuchadnezzar had reached
    Bashtaasib through Sham (Syria), which was in utter ruin. the wild
    beats had multiplied in Palestine, for it had become empty of men.
    Bashtaasib therefore called to the children of Israel in Babylon:
    "Whoever wants to return to Sham (Syria/Palestine) may do so." It was
    ruled by one from the House of David, who was ordered by Bashtaasib to
    rebuild Jerusalem and its temple, so they returned and rebuilt it. Then
    Jeremiah opened his eyes, blinked from the seventy year sleep, and saw
    how the city was being reconstructed. He remained in that sleep of his
    until he had completed one hundred years. When Allah awoke him, he
    thought that he had slept no more than an hour. He had known the city
    as a devastated land; when he saw it rebuilt and populated, he said:

    "He grants wisdom to whom He pleases, and he, to whom wisdom is
    granted, is indeed granted abundant good. But none remember (will
    receive admonition) except men of understanding."

    The History of Israel After its Rebuilding

    Ibn Al-Kalbi said that the Israelites
    settled it, and Allah rebuilt their glory. It remained so until Rome
    vanquished them in the era of the tribal kings; then they lost their
    community and their authority after the appearance of Christianity.

    This is how Ibn Jarir tells their story in
    his History of Jerusalem. He said that Laharasab was a just king and
    diplomatic. The people, cheifs, and kings obeyed him, and he was gifted
    in the construction of cities, canals and institutions. When he grew
    too weak to rule, after more than one hundred, his son Bashtaasib
    ascended to the throne. During his reign the religion of Zoroastrianism
    (alMajusia) appeared. A man named (Zoroaster) (Zordahst) had been a
    companion of Jeremiah and had angered him, so Jeremiah cursed him.
    Zoroaster became a leper. He went to the land of Azerbaijan, joined
    Bashtaasib forced peolple to embrace it and killed many people who
    disobeyed him.

    After Bashtaasib, his son Barman ruled.
    They were among the famous and heroic kings of Persia, and
    Nebuchadnezzar had been deputy to all three of them. He lived a long
    time, may Allah torment him!

    The essence of what has been written by Ibn
    Jarir is that the person or wayfarer passing through this village was
    Jeremia. Others say that it was Hosea (Ozir), and this is the consensus
    of the ancients and those after them, but Allah knows best.




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