Muhammad the Prophet of Mercy

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    (Endure you patiently (O
    Muhammad), your patience is not but from Allah. And grieve not over them, and
    be not distressed because of what they plot

    Meanings of An-Nahl 16: 127




    Accepting a god other than one’s Maker creates servility in the soul and
    begets oppression. The souls of the Quraishi chiefs
    clung to worldly life, tightly shackled by a love of supremacy and the pleasures
    it gave them, and a refusal to be molded by the principles of ‘Right and
    , Halal (Lawful) and Haram (Forbidden)’, ‘Do and Do not do’.
    They resisted any thought of an afterlife, a return to Allah for repayment of
    evil with evil and good with good. They withheld themselves from belief and
    fought vigorously to withhold others, hindering people from the straight path,
    wanting it to remain crooked and unjust.

    It was an open
    life-and-death battle in which the disbelievers employed every weapon of
    psychological warfare against the Prophet
    to obstruct the truth he
    preached and inflict on his blessed soul the invisible deadly wounds of inward
    failure and defeat, loss of confidence, breaking of will, destruction of
    purpose, killing of hope, and despair of support, which are deeper and more injurious
    than physical wounds


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