Don't be Sad

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  • Safety is in contentment


    Contentment offers safety in that the contented heart is healthy and free from deceit, corruption, and rancor. And it is only a sound and healthy heart that will be saved from Allah’s punishment, a heart that is safe and free from doubt, disbelief, and the various tricks of the devil. Such a heart is only concerned about how to please Allah.


    (Say. 'Allah [sent it down]. ‘Then leave them t0 play in their vain discussions.                                       (Qur’an 6: 91)


    Bitterness and resentfulness are concepts that are foreign to the healthy heart, and so, the more one is contented with Allah’s Decree, the more healthy and sound one's heart will be. Wickedness, corruption, and deceit accompany discontent, while a healthy heart, righteousness, and sincerity accompany contentment. Also, jealousy is another of the fruits of discontent.


    Being pleased with Allah is a quality that is like a good tree that is nourished by the water of sincerity in the garden of pure Islamic Monotheism. Its roots are faith and its branches are good deeds. It is a tree bearing fruit that is fresh and sweet. The Prophet (bpuh) said:


    "One has tasted the taste of faith if one is pleased with Allah as his Lord, with Islam as his religion, and with Muhammad as a Messenger"


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