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    Chapter Six

    Satan And His Soldiers

    In order to
    have a full picture, one should know that Satan has his soldiers: physical ones
    from mankind and jinn, and other abstract soldiers he employs to mislead

    But before we
    proceed with our talk and in order to have a thorough view, we should know that
    neither Satan, nor his soldiers go beyond the compass of the Decree of Allah
    that is dominant in His universe. Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, has
    given us a practical proof, and that by subjugating the devils, made of fire,
    to a human Prophet, Solomon (Sulaimân, peace be upon him). He made them follow
    his orders, and dare not contradict him. Concerning this, The Truth, Blessed
    and Exalted be He, says (what means):

    “And among
    the jinn were those who worked for him by the permission of his Lord. And
    whoever deviated among them from Our command – We will make him taste of the
    punishment of the Blaze.” [Saba’, 34: 12]

    Hence Allah,
    all praise and glory is to Him, has subdued jinn – both the devil and the good
    jinn – as we have previously said – to a man made of clay, Solomon (peace be
    upon him). And if The Truth, all praise and glory is to Him, wanted to
    subjugate the devils to us, He would do so; for Allah answered the supplication
    of Solomon (peace be upon him) when he invoked Him asking for a kingdom such as
    shall not belong to any other after him, as the glorious Ayah relates (what

    “He said, ‘My
    Lord, forgive me and grant me a kingdom such as will not belong to anyone after
    me. Indeed, You are the Bestower.’ So We subjected to him the wind blowing by
    his command, gently, wherever he directed, and [also] the devils [of jinn] –
    every builder and diver, and others bound together in shackles.” [Sâd, 38:

    Therefore, when
    Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, wanted to subjugate the devils to
    mankind He did so compulsorily, against their will. Never think that what the
    devils commit on earth is against the Will of Allah in His universe, but as we
    have previously said it complements the role of worldly life as a place of
    temptation, strife, and faith; a place where believers triumph over the lure of
    the devil through their striving and faith, thus meriting Paradise.

    As we have
    previously said Satan has both material and immaterial soldiers, one of his
    gravest abstract soldiers is arrogance; for Satan keeps slinking around man
    till he casts into his heart physical and moral arrogance, and tries to fill
    him with pride at his wealth, knowledge, strength, or whatever. The chief
    concern is to make man swell with conceit, thus falsely think that he has
    dispensed with Allah, Blessed and Exalted be He, attributing full credit to
    himself, hence he falls into sin and atheism.

    Satan in The Battle of

    Let us shed
    light on the way Satan instigated the disbelievers to fight the believers
    during the Battle of Badr: the Noble Qur’an relates to us this story through
    the glorious Ayah saying (what means):

    [remember] when Satan made their deeds pleasing to them and said, ‘No one can
    overcome you today from among the people, and indeed, I am your protector.’ But
    when the two armies sighted each other, he turned on his heels and said,
    ‘Indeed, I am disassociated from you. Indeed, I see what you do not see; indeed
    I fear Allah. And Allah is severe in penalty.’” [Al-Anfâl, 8: 48]

    That was the
    role that Satan played during the Battle of Badr, he started by sowing the
    seeds of arrogance in the hearts of the disbelievers, telling them: You will defeat and triumph over the Muslims, you are great
    in number and powerfully equipped; compared to you they are few, you will
    definitely conquer them, and I am with you to champion you.

    He kept on
    swelling their souls with vanity, beguiling them with the illusory belief that
    they are strong and that they are absolutely victorious, till they believed him
    and set off to fight the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him
    peace) and the believers.

    When the
    disbelievers reached the battlefield and fighting became inevitable, Satan
    looked and saw the power of faith, and the mightiness of the believers, and the
    support that Allah gave them, thereof he scrammed away, leaving behind his
    allies, whom he promised before that none would overcome them. He thus fled
    fast and away, saying as the Noble Qu’an relates (what means):

    “Indeed, I
    see what you do not see; indeed I fear Allah. And Allah is severe in penalty.”
    [Al-Anfâl, 8: 48]

    Some say how
    come that the devil says: “I fear Allah”, and if he really does fear
    Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, why does he sin? And why this persistence in
    sinning? And what can scare Satan, while he is already shut out from the Mercy
    of Allah, damned, outcast, and dwelling eternally in Hell, together with all
    his followers?

    The answer is
    that Satan fears the torment awaiting him in the Hereafter, such fear
    overwhelms him, despite all what he commits in worldly life. He disavows all
    sins committed through him; he tries to wash his hands of any responsibility
    for a sin before Allah. Therefore, The Truth, Blessed and Exalted is He, says
    (what means):

    hypocrites are] like the example of Satan when he says to man, ‘Disbelieve.’
    But when he disbelieves, he says, ‘Indeed, I am disassociated from you. Indeed,
    I fear Allah, Lord of the worlds.’” [Al-Hashr, 59: 16]

    In this manner
    Satan would try to free himself of any responsibility for luring mankind into
    disbelief and sin. Even on Resurrection
    when Satan shall stand in the presence of Allah he will cast the
    blame on man, trying to shirk his responsibility. The Truth, all praise and glory
    is to Him, gives us a picture of this scene in His Saying (what means):

    “And Satan
    will say when the matter has been concluded, ‘Indeed, Allah had promised you
    the promise of truth. And I promised you, but I betrayed you. But I had no
    authority over you except that I invited you, and you responded to me. So do
    not blame me; but blame yourselves. I cannot be called to your aid, nor can you
    be called to my aid. Indeed, I deny your association of me [with Allah] before.
    Indeed, for the wrongdoers is a painful punishment.’” [Ibrahîm, 14: 22]

    Satan, who
    decks out fair to people committing all kinds of sins and atheism, comes on the
    Day of Judgment disavowing what he has done, trying to cast all the blame on
    man, saying: “I had no authority over you except that I
    called you, so you responded to me, and had not your selves been inclined to
    disbelieving and committing sins, I would not have been able to derive you into
    disobeying Allah. Hence blame me not, for you have no one to blame but
    yourselves, because you have given ears to my whisperings, while I had no
    subjugating power over you to force you to sin”
    , which is true, because
    the devil does not have the power to force man into disobeying Allah, Whose
    Majesty reigns Supreme.

    No Punishment Because
    of Coercion

    Among the signs
    of the Endless Mercy of Allah upon His servants is the fact that He remits any
    deed man may commit under coercion, for the justice of judgment. Consequently,
    on the Day of Judgment man will not be called to account for whatever he is forced
    to do against his will, in conformity with the Saying of Allah, all praise and
    glory is to Him, (which means):

    disbelieves in Allah after his belief… except for one who is forced (to
    renounce his religion) while his heart is secure in faith.” [An-Nahl, 16: 106]

    Hence, the one
    who is forced to declare disbelief, while his heart is a believer, will not be
    called to account for this. Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, has made the
    domain of accountability – which is what the heart believes – impossible to
    yield to any coercion. For you can force a man to do what you want against his
    will, but you can never force his heart to show you love, while it hates you,
    neither can you compel a heart to believe in what it rejects to believe in.

    Allah, Blessed
    and Exalted is He, informs us that the devil has no sway whatsoever over man,
    for sway can either be a coercive one, meaning to force man into doing
    something against himself by force, or it can be the sway of persuasion, where
    he can prevail on man to do something, so he does it voluntarily. But the devil
    holds neither the sway of coercion nor the sway of persuasion, he rather – as
    we have previously said – sneaks to man from the points of his weakness, thus
    adorning to him what the self yearns to, till he falls into sin. The glorious
    Ayah says:

    {ãøóÇ ÃóäóÇú ÈöãõÕúÑöÎößõãú æóãóÇ ÃóäÊõãú ÈöãõÕúÑöÎöíøó}

    Which means:

    “I cannot be
    called to your aid, nor can you be called to my aid.” [Ibrahîm, 14: 22]

    Satan says that
    he does own the power to eliminate the reasons behind their screaming out of
    torture, to which he himself together with them is going. Then he disowns those
    who disbelieved because of his seduction, he tries to shirk his responsibility,
    saying as the Noble Qur’an relates, what means:

    “Indeed, I
    deny your association of me (with Allah) before.” [Ibrahîm, 14: 22]

    Hence, the
    first among Satan’s soldiers is ego, which makes man think he can achieve what
    he desires independently, and makes him worship himself, his mind, or means, or
    he thinks that he is more capable of legislating than Allah, all praise and
    glory is to Him, thereof he abandons the Doctrine of Allah, thus making his own
    laws, which they call positive law and so forth.

    We should know
    that Satan has material soldiers, who are Shayâtin (devils) from among
    mankind and jinn. They are those who have followed Satan, and adopted his
    doctrine, fighting for the sake of falsehood, combating truth, and deriding the
    believers. Concerning those people, Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, says
    (what means):

    “Satan has overcome
    them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah. Those are the party of
    Satan. Unquestionably, the party of Satan – they will be the losers.”
    [Al-Mujâdilah, 58: 19]

    The party of
    Satan are those who try to spread atheism, resisting any call of truth,
    standing against Divine Messages, shunning people away from them, to the extent
    of waging war, and this in conformity with the Saying of Allah, Blessed and
    Exalted is He, (which means):

    “Those who
    believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the
    cause of Tâghūt
    (12). So fight against the allies of Satan. Indeed, the plot of
    Satan has ever been weak.” [An-Nisâ’, 4: 76]

    As we have said
    there are devils from among mankind and jinn, as for those among mankind, they
    are the ones whom Satan has become their companion, that is to say closely
    associated with man. When Satan is close to a man and is adhering to him, it is
    a sign that this man has reached the utmost degree of sinning, and as long as
    the devil becomes an intimate companion to a person, he will never push him to
    goodness, but rather he will always push him towards evil, for he is an evil

    Such is the
    case with all evil companions, they aid one another and prop up each other’s
    heart to commit iniquity. One sees them unite in sinning, gather each night in
    a house where they drink liquors, commit adultery and all what incurs the Anger
    of Allah. Sinning binds them together with a firm bond in worldly life, but in
    the Hereafter things alter, and they turn enemies to one another.

    Allah, all
    praise and glory is to Him, has explained to us in the Noble Qur’an what the
    devil do to his companion, in the glorious Ayah saying (what means):

    “For he had
    said, ‘I will surely take from among Your servants a specific portion. And I
    will mislead them, and I will arouse in them [sinful] desires, and I will
    command them so they will slit the ears of cattle, and I will command them so
    they will change the creation of Allah.’ And whoever takes Satan as an ally
    instead of Allah has certainly sustained a clear loss. Satan promises them and
    arouses desire in them. But Satan does not promise them except delusion.”
    [An-Nisâ’, 4:118-120]

    That is what
    the devil do to his companions: 
    first he misleads them, meaning to remove them away from the true
    doctrine, and corrupt this doctrine for them.

    As for the
    saying of Satan: “I will arouse in them false desires”, the devil makes
    sins look attractive in the eyes of man, thus he craves to commit them. He
    deludes him into thinking that they are not sins, but rather a blessing.

    Regarding the
    matter of cattle, and changing the creation of Allah, all praise and glory is
    to Him: the perfection of creation is what Allah has created; every creature of
    Allah has a mission in life, and each is created to find easy the performance
    of its mission, thus changing creation corrupts this mission.


    Those who used
    to slit the ears of cattle based on the belief that they were dedicated to the
    idols and at their service, had thus removed the creation of Allah from its
    mission, for cattle are created to be man’s property: on their backs he can
    carry his burdens, eat from their meat, make use of their leather and wool, but
    they are of no avail to the idols. It is as if the devil craves to diverge the
    creation of Allah from the course they were created for, and in order to do so,
    he employs his companions.

    If we look into
    our contemporary time, we find some experiments that bring the leg of a dog and
    transplant it in the body of a frog, and such sorts of experiments, which is of
    no avail  to humanity; what can
    humanity benefit from a frog with a dog’s leg, the frog was created for a
    certain mission in worldly life, and being created the way they are is for the
    perfection of fulfilling its mission. But man came to spoil such mission,
    without realizing anything, the same applies to all the experiments that are
    done to produce a maimed human being, these experiments do nothing but corrupt
    the creation of Allah, to no avail. The same applies to all forms of abuse that
    occur to dominate the human mind, which rather spoils its mission in the

    In order to
    reveal to us the triviality of what Satan can do, Allah, Blessed and Exalted is
    He, informs us that the devil uses the weapon of fear to enslave man, saying
    (what means):

    “That is only
    Satan who frightens [you] of his supporters. So fear them not, but fear Me, if
    you are [indeed] believers.” [Âl-‘Imrân, 3: 175]

    But how does
    the devil dominate man through fear? If man gives charity, the devil will
    frighten him of poverty; if he wants to give a truthful testimony, he will
    intimidate him by the despotism of his unjust employers; if he wants to go to
    perform prayers, he will frighten him with the idea that he will lose such and
    such worldly interests; if he fights for the Cause of Allah, the devil will
    frighten him with the power of the disbelievers, casting into his heart the
    fear of getting killed at the beginning of the battle; if he wants to perform
    benevolent deeds, the devil will cast into him fears of wasting his time and
    interests; even if he wants to forbid people from doing evil, the devil will
    cast into him the fear that he would be harmed.

    Thus, any
    benevolent act that occurs to the self, Satan frightens man away from doing it,
    by scaring him with the idea that it will get him into trouble; whether this
    trouble be in his wealth, his self, his children, job, trade, or any other
    worldly concern. Through this weapon, namely that of fear, Satan casts terror
    into the human self as regards good deeds.

    Before ending
    this book, we should have a pause to study Satan in regard to the Prophets and
    Messengers. There is a general and particular rule with regard to a number of
    the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the general rule is expressed in the
    Saying of Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, (which means):

    “And We did
    not send before you any messenger or prophet except that when he spoke [or
    recited], Satan threw into it [some misunderstanding]. But Allah abolishes that
    which Satan throws in; then Allah makes precise His verses. And Allah is
    Knowing and Wise. [That is] so He may make what Satan throws in a trial for
    those within whose hearts is disease and those hard of heart. And indeed, the
    wrongdoers are in extreme dissension.” [Al-Hajj, 22: 52-53]

    What is the wish
    of every Messenger? His wish is that the Law of Allah spread and people believe
    in his Message and he succeeds in reforming the movement of their lives; to
    attract them towards belief and turn them away from disbelief. That is
    certainly the wish of the Messenger. But would Satan leave people listen to the
    Messengers and believe in their Messages? No, he stands in their way and
    hinders them from the Law of Allah. He starts with those who lead a luxurious
    life, whom the doctrine might harm their worldly authority and he thus makes
    them his advocators. They resist the heavenly Messages and implant obstacles.
    They torture whoever believes to make him disbelief and inflict grievous
    suffering on the believers.

    But would
    falsehood triumph? No, Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, abolishes and
    annihilate whatever falsehood Satan may throw in and He grant victory to His
    Messenger. Thus, the call of truth prevail and the number of believers grows.
    The Messenger hopes to succeed in his duty but Satan incites the sinners and
    disbelievers against him and the battle ends with the triumph of the Messenger
    over the devil.

    Satan was
    stated in connection with the Messengers in more than one Ayah. In the
    statement of Ayûb (Job, peace be upon him) which means:

    “And remember
    Our servant Job, when he called to his Lord, ‘Indeed, Satan has touched me with
    hardship and torment.’” [Sâd, 38: 41]

    And the
    statement of Yûsuf (Joseph, peace be upon him) which means:

    “After Satan
    had induced [estrangement] between me and my brothers.” [Yûsuf, 12: 100]

    And the Saying
    of The Truth, be ever gloried is His Majesty and Might, which means:

    “But Satan
    made him forget the mention [to] his master, and Joseph remained in prison
    several years.” [Yûsuf, 12: 42]

    And also the
    statement of Mûsâ (Moses, peace be upon him) which means:

    said, ‘This is from the work of Satan. Indeed, he is a manifest, misleading
    enemy.’” [Al-Qasas, 28: 15]

    These Ayat are
    by way of example and are not exclusive. The fact that the Prophets are
    infallible does not mean that they are kept from striving against themselves,
    but there must remain for them what they strive against. A messenger is a human
    soul that has tendencies and wants which he must overcome by striving against
    himself. If there were not for the Prophets any circumstances or concerns which
    they must strive against they would have been angels.

    Allah, all
    praise and glory is to Him, made them humans serving as the example that the
    believers should follow in struggling against Satan, and in striving against
    the self and defeating it. Therefore, some of them were called Messengers of strong will.”  Strong will here means firmness in
    obeying Allah and fighting against the devil.         

    Allah Championed His

    As for Mûsâ
    (peace be upon him), he was not yet commissioned for
    Prophethood when he struck the man with his fist and
    killed him but within him was faith and fear of God, thus he immediately
    realized that what he committed was from Satan’s doing, thus he turned in
    repentance to Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, begging His Forgiveness.

    As for Yûsuf
    (peace be upon him), the Saying of the Truth, Blessed and Exalted is He, (which
    means): “But Satan made him forget the mention [to] his master” can have
    two possible meanings: the first is that the one who got out of prison, was the
    one whom the devil made him forget mentioning Yûsuf to Al-Aziz(13), and ask him to set him out of
    prison, thus he (Yûsuf) stayed in the prison for a few more years, or it was
    Yûsuf who forgot. But the stronger meaning is the first.

    substantiates the first meaning is that Yûsuf asked from that person to mention
    him to his lord - the king, whom he would go to serve – and to tell him that
    there was an aggrieved man in prison. This serves to clarify that the glorious
    Ayah does not mean that Satan made Yûsuf forget remembering Allah, Blessed and
    Exalted is He.

    When Ayûb
    (peace be upon him) invoked Allah saying: “Indeed, Satan has touched me with
    hardship and torment”
    , he was complaining to His Lord that Satan was
    whispering to him, telling him: “How come while you are
    a prophet to get inflicted with such tribulations? How come you fall ill and
    all this befalls you, from losing your children, and the disobedience of your
    wife, and such sorts of afflictions, should not Allah, all praise and glory is
    to Him, honor you!”
    But Ayûb (peace be upon him), who got spiritually
    hurt by the whisperings of Satan, did not pay heed to Satan, but he rather
    turned to Allah, all praise and glory is to Him, in supplication, begging Him
    to relieve him of what he was suffering from, thereupon Allah, Blessed and
    Exalted is He, answered his supplications.


    Furthermore, we
    should also point out to the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless
    him and grant him peace) in which he said: “Satan
    circulates in the human being as blood circulates in the body.”
    Some orientalists try to cast doubts concerning
    this hadith, we say to those skeptics, who try to find a gap through which they
    can spit out their venoms and never will they succeed: many components run
    through blood, among which are iron, phosphate, calcium, and other components
    revealed by modern analysis, even microbes and germs – which are material
    bodies – they penetrate the skin and infuse in the blood, where they remain
    during their incubation period till they reproduce, and battles occur between
    them and the white blood cells. As for the devil, he is not created from clay,
    but he is rather created from a material far more transparent, that is
    extremely fine and delicate, how come then that we find it hard to believe that
    he penetrates the skin, and circulates with the blood, as many other solid
    substances, which we cannot feel them.

    We ask Allah to protect us from
    sinning, and not to make a way for Satan over our hearts.

    Satan, etc.

    Minister of finance in Egypt.



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